Thursday, December 3, 2009

Which Makeup? Help? Acne -prone Skin?

I have used Maybelline Mineral Power for a while, and now my skin is starting to breakout with little white bumps. Most of the time, it is where i have a small pimple, and then it gets huge and develops a whitehead. I dont know why this is happening, but I do not want to repeat highschool as far as acne goes. I am looking at Physicians Formula Organics, or Covergirl Microminerals because they seem to have the least amount of chemical-related breakout reviews. Which is better for acne prone skin? Or is there something better than both???Which Makeup? Help? Acne -prone Skin?
for your blemishes try murad acne spot treatment its about $18 at sephora. I think the problem might be that the maybeline mineral powder is cloggin your pores. Try using Bare Minerals its the best in mineral foundation, I never had a breakout with it. I do have sensitive skin though and the brushes are too harsh on my skin so i use the MAC brush #182. You have to be careful with that one tho because it doesnt apply like the one bare minerals comes with. They sell a bare minerals starter kit as well at sephora.

the kits come with 2 shades of the main shade. There are 3 different shade kits. You can use on or the other in the kit or blend them. As always at sephora you cant go wrong if you dont like it you can return it! It is cheaper thru the bare minerals web site but you have to order it online.

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