Friday, December 11, 2009

Hair and Makeup HELP! =)?

Soo, I am going to a Fall out boy concert soon and i have NO idea what to do with my hair and makeup. ALSO MY OUTFIT.

I want to have very dark makeup, fake eyelashes included. and for my hair I had NO IDEA and i am not going to put it up. its shoulder length with side bangs. and for my outfit what do you think? I was thinking of converse, skinny jeans and a t-shirt and then buy a shirt at the concert and put it over top....what do you think?Hair and Makeup HELP! =)?
Just wear something cute. But remember it's going to be hot and crazy so the hair and makeup might get ruined pretty quickly. Especially in the floor parts. But as for outfits, how about something clandestine industries? I'm sure Pete would love that :) check it out here: clandestineindustries.comHair and Makeup HELP! =)?
Never wear a bands tee shirt at their concert.

But yeah, Your look is pretty awesome. :D

i can picture it now. rofl. %26gt;.%26lt; o.O-!


But like uhm check Youtube for come cute hair tutorials, maybe Scene hair %26amp; makeup tutorials? :DD
Check out this site for cute outfits!!鈥?/a>
i think you preety much r rite

go for a rock, punk ish liik

ave fun


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