Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need makeup help?!?

everyone tells me i look like im wearing a pound of makeup

i use bareminerals medium tan because im just tan because its summer.

but like i want to look more natural but i still want to wear make up;

i know that sounds stupid.

but i dont wear alot i use that smashbox primer and it makes my makeup look dewy and i like that but i guess it looks like im wearing too much but if i dont wear the primer it looks weird so i need help.

and then i wear eyeliner and mascara but i have blue eyes so it looks

like im wearing a ton so is there like any tricks to make it look like

im not wearing alot but im still wearing some and dont say

';dont wear it'; because that's just dumb. and im 15 so i want to wear makeup.

thanks(:I need makeup help?!?
Since you have blue eyes try a brown eyeliner instead. It won't look as harsh.

You don't sound stupid. The whole point of foundation is to make your skin look natural without people knowing that you have it on. You should try smashbox liquid foundation. I really love it. It looks natural and pretty. their vol. 3 set is a nice collection. I recommend it.

I know what you mean about the BareMinerals. It can look really dry. Do you moisturize before you apply it? Which brush do you use?

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