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Some Makeup help plz?

Ok so i'm 12 yrs old turning 13 in October. Going into 8th grade!!! i'm not 2 sure about wat makeup to wear. I don't really like my face 2 much. i'm really pale, braces, long blonde hair, gray/ blue eyes, and I'm 5'5. I've had a little acne but i just found sum ';Oxy'; stuff that helps tons so i no longer have to worry about that. I can't get my braces off till next summer so I don't really look good in braces. So I don't really know what kind of makeup to wear, wat colors and i've NEVER used eyeliner. oh and i have kinda big cheekbones. any help appreciated!!!!!!!!!Some Makeup help plz?
if you want to wear eyeshadow stick to light colors or browns.

also wear some chapstick because it gives some tint to your lips

you don't need eyeliner or mascara.Some Makeup help plz?
Oh, these are always my favorite questions! Here's what you do:

Go to a department store and scout the beauty counter girls. Find one whose makeup you love and chat her up. She can show you techniques, colors etc. You can basically get your makeup done for free. Try to go on a weekday afternoon when they aren't busy, otherwise they won't spend much time with you. They will try and get you to buy stuff, and if you find something you love, then go ahead, but if not just thank her and head to the drugstore with all of your new information.

One trick: make sure to pay attention to what she says and ask LOTS of questions!
mascara, eye liner, and maybe blush! good luck!
i am 13, and i can help you with that! I will soon be getting braces, and i also use oxy sometimes! Make sure you don't over do your makeup! Go with your mom to Walmart, or where you get your makeup at and she can help you. Things you need to remember is that for foundation, get your skin tone to blend in with your complexion. If you are going to wair eyeliner, don't apply it thick. A Small line will be best and i found that if you even do it within your eyelashes, it will make them look even fuller. If you are just starting out, don't use liquid eyeliner until you get better at putting on makeup.

Learn to work with your body and how you look. You could even look up what shades of eyeshadow would work with your color of eyes!

Make sure to Wash your face twice a day, and when you take a shower/bath, wash it a third time, to help any acne of zits. A good way to get hairstyles, is you can look at hair magazines.(u can get them at walmart) or just celebrity pictures of hairstyles.

P.S-it would be awesome to become friend with you! add me to your contacts. idk how to do that.
well a picture would have really helped out. but i will do the best i can. so, for the makeup i suggest you trying almay products, they have different products that go with different eye colors and they tell you what colors look best for you. you can find almay in walmart and in drugstores in the makeup section. definitely get a light colored eyeliner, light pink eyeshadow, and some mascara, even a little blush and some lip gloss. you don't need foundation right now, you're to young and you don't want to ruin your skin so early. but just go very light on your makeup, to enhance your beauty a little bit, don't go overboard like other girls do, don't try to fit in and stuff. oh and yeah for your hair, just look through some magazines and decide on what you like and what you think is cute.:] hope i helped you out!
Well if you have never used eyeliner, Just practice using it at the weekends, You will get better, I promise...

Wear mascara

And if you are pale and you want to wear eyeshadow?? Where creamy colours.





Concealer (Apply on blemishes and spots)



I wouldn't reccomend Blush. I'm pale and it dosent reallt suit me.

Make sure you dont apply too much powder !!

Hope I helped xx
as little make up as you feel comfortable with.

powder or liquid foundation.really just what you feel best using.

a decent mascara(ask a sister or similar who wears make up to see what mascara they like) and white eyeshadow(any make) you dont need eyeliner or anything else.

That's what i'd recommend anyway (:
You could do a tinted mosturizer to even out skintone. I light pink blush. Light eyeshadow (light brown or gray). Brown mascara and eyeliner. :)
get a cheap black eyeliner to practice with when you aren.t going out or to school, then wash it off. only wear the cheap stuff when you aren.t going anywhere, because cheaper ones tend to smear %26amp;%26amp; run really easy

then try almay.s black eyeliner in the twist up container. that was my first eyeliner, %26amp;%26amp; after seven years of wearing eyeliner, it.s still my favorite

go to %26amp;%26amp; search for ';makeupblogger'; she.s really pretty, %26amp;%26amp; her videos are really helpful.
Try a black mascara, with a sheer eyeshadow. a little rose-colored blush, and a sheer lipgloss
okay i can't remember any. But your abit young i'd suggest use like Mascara so your eyes pop out and i believe you use brown eyeliner for your colors of eyes.

so use Mascara, Abit of eyeliner and lipgloss and a tint of blush over your cheek bonez,

Yeah, add a picture
well first off, if you want to even out your skin foundation helps a lot

and considering the fact that you are pale, if you want a darker tone then you could try bronzer

for gray/blue eyes, maybe line your eyes with black eyeliner, curl your lashes and use mascara

nude lips are awesome, light shades are really pretty without being too bold

by the way, big cheekbones are stunning, so you could also highlight them

hope i helped! :)
add a picture so we can see what you look like so we can tell you what would look best
when i was your age i started out wearing mascara first for a little while then gradually putting a little eyeliner on my lower lid then on the top, i still don't wear eyeshadow or stuff for my face only eye makeup. you should gradually wear more and more, because trust me it looks weird to just one day start wearing a lot of makeup.

here are a couple of hairstyles:

hope i helped! (:

btw i'm a sophmore if you wanted to know.
If you don't like your braces, then don't use any lip make up other than a clear (not shiny) lip balm. any color or shine will draw attention to your mouth, and therefore your braces.

Instead, go for the eyes. Nothing major (you don't want to look like a slut). A little mascara, don't cake it, on the top lashes really makes them pop. If you're going to use liner, be careful about how much. A thick black line all the way around is very drag queenish, so not good. instead, use a gray or dark brown, and use it mostly on the outside corners of your eyes. It makes your lashes look darker and thicker without being garish.

You're young, if you need blush, you don't need much. If YOU can tell you put it on, then it's painfully obvious to everyone else. Use it sparingly.

With blue/gray eyes, blues and browns look best (really makes them pop) but you can do any color, just try to avoid circus bright colors. Yes they're pretty, but they look like what they are: circus colors. You're not a clown. And be careful about using too much or too dark a blue, it can easily make you look like you were punched in the face.

if you really want to go the easy route, use Almay intense i-color. just match your eye color to the package and it's a set of 3 colors that work best, plus it has a pic of where to apply each color for the best effect.
Gray or light blue for your eyes. Black eyeliner on ur upper lid inside.

I would say light pinks for blush. no bronzer if you are light skinned. For your hair maybe, some blonder highlights to frame your face.
haha , i use Oxy too !


uhm , yeah , use eyeliner , and mascara ,

and lip gloss ,

thats all you really need .

( :
okay you sound very pretty with a more edgy face and im 13 turning 14 in september and i love makeup and fashion, ect. so i think you would look amazing with light eyeliner on top same as bottom so it looks clean. then apply mascarra on top.might want to bye big volume mascarra from maybellene, then because you have blue eyes get some blue eyeshadow(i know sounds trampy)but its gorgeous because you have blue eyes and it matches now apply that but then get some white or pale color eyeshadow and put that on the inner eye and a little below. and get a light foundation and powder. and for the lips get the kissable lips box you can get from walmart and get a pink color , but not like a ridiculous pink i mean like a light pink and put the shine coat on top:) you'd look gorgeous:)

Why do you even wanna wear makeup? you are only 13! Trust me you are gonna get addicted, and since you are still a kid probably you'll make mistakes choosing what is best for you and your skin. I would recommend not to use any makeup yet, because you may hurt your skin, but if you insist you could use a little of light base mixed with some oil free moisturizer to cover your pimples, also you could use a li soft colors like pink, DO NOT use eyeliner!!
your turning 13 you don't need makeup lol, but if you want to put it on then just put on mascara, i really like hypnose by lancome, its a magical mascara lol, you have no idea what mascara can do. you can also buy some blush since you said you have really big cheekbones which is a realllyyy good thing can go to sephora and ask one of the workers for help and they can do a really good job in putting on the make up for you and showing you how to do it...if you have good skin i would recommend you dont put on any cover up because i feel like it just ruins your skin if its good, idk thats my opinion, if you do want cover up, i would recommend bare minerals, its a very good product and really good for your skin...remember the key is to look natural, i know you might think thats really dumb but its true. lol

and for your hair have long hair thats really awesome dont make it shorter maybe a trim if its damaged and i think the bangs idea is a really good idea.

so yeahh i hope that helped (:
You're so young that you really don't need any kind of make up. But I know how girls are! So if you have to wear some, just wear like lip gloss, mascara, MAYBE blush, and a little tiny bit of eye shadow.

Do NOT wear base or powder. That is really bad for your skin, and you'll just get more acne.
alright. you came to the right girl. first foundation. find a color that matches your skin tone. this will help smoooth your complection and tone your skin. next, bronzer. you can pick pink bronzers or orange/brown bronzers. the pink ones give you a rosie cheery look to your face, and the browns giv u a tan sunny look. now, blush. dont go overly red. go with a nice pink color to make your cheeks stand out but take focus off cheekbones. smile and spread from dimples and out. eyeliner. spread right above you eyelash line and for bottom i lid do just under them. dont stretch your i lid to apply. this will strech it and make it hurt. next eyeshadow. for one color, just close your eye and place on your eye lid. if its a dark color, dont go all the way to your eyebrow. for three colors, take the darker and apply it on bottom, take the medium and put it on in a line where the eyelid stops then put the lightest one top to the eyebrow. pickk colors that go together. dont go overboard on makeup. for lipstick, put it on virtically up and down on the lip. this may sound strange, but it is supposed to make the lip look fuller and will distract from the braces. for hairstyles, do the ';poof';. this is a ponytail but instead of pulling it tight, make it looser with a bump. this is soo in now. or just leave it down or pull it back. hope this helps!
I have wavy hair, braces, and side bangs.

In order, I use

Foundation (powder)

Concealer (under eyes and blemishes)

Bronzer (cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose only)

Blush (cheekbones)


Neutral Eyeshadow (I like peachy-brown)

Mascara (only top)

Eyeliner (black- only top at base of eyelashes)

Highliter (eyebrowbones)

Eyebrow Pencil (make sure you brush it out)

and yeah... :-)

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