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Ladies, makeup help please!?

I am very pale with light blonde hair. I don't have a lot of contrast between my hair and skin, so when I wear light makeup colors, I ';look like I don't have a face';--- you can't see any contrast between anything.

How can I make my features stand out more without looking too ';made up';-- do I need to start wearing darker colors just on my eyes, for example---

any help, color suggestions would be greatly appreciated---by the way, even though I am pale, light blush colors don't even show up on my skinLadies, makeup help please!?
Because your complexion is so light, using darker colors will help bring out your features. First decide which features you want to bring out the most and stay focused on that. Its a common mistake some make that give the ';overdone'; look when there's too much focus on more than one feature. So something like playing up the eyes with a subtle lip color, or a more glamorous, vibrant lip shade and simple eye makeup -- but never both

If your brows are also very light, which by your description I'm assuming they are, I would start by using a brow color (powder or pencil) slightly darker than your natural color and fill them in using light strokes and keeping it blended. This alone will help your eyes stand out, as the brows help frame the eyes.

Maybe you should start out by trying something like Almay's Intense i-Color to bring out your eyes. You can view their collection here:鈥?/a>


Begin by choosing the Intense i-Color鈩?Bring Out Collection that works with your eye color.

Apply the mid-tone shade all over your lid.

Next, blend the deep shade into the crease.

Finally apply the highlighter shade to your brow bone.

Finish it off with a brownish-black mascara.

Then, for blush colors I think something still light but with some color. Like a coral/peach color.

Lips, I would go for a light pink/nude color.

As far as recommendations: for me personally, my favorite make-up line for foundation/eye color is Everyday Minerals ( ).

I love their blush ';Viki's Radiant Creation'; which adds a hint of color and an overall healthy glow.

And every eye color I've tried from them has been very pretty, it just kind of depends what your looking for or what your eye color is.

And their foundation is awesome. It gives coverage and evens out complexion and color, but is light enough that it does not look cakey at all. (They offer a free sample makeup kit which allows you to test out which foundation colors work best for you, it includes 3 sample foundations, 1 blush, and 1 concealer. Which I love!)

The best advice I can give really is to just play around with different colors until you find the ones that appeal to you.

I hope that was somewhat helpful :)

Good luck!Ladies, makeup help please!?
A few tips:

1) Try using a bronzing powder and dust it on the places where the sun would kiss your face-top of your forehead, bridge of your nose, and the tops of your cheekbones-for a little color.

2) Try a brighter blush and dust it on with a huge fluffy brush.

3) Almay makes lines of makeup for different eye colors. Using the right colors will allow you to play up your eyes and make them stand out without looking really made up.

4) Red lips are always in style, and you can get that really great 50's pin-up look if you have pale skin and blonde hair.

5) Christina Aguilera has pale skin and blonde hair, and she works it. Try looking her up on Google or Yahoo Images and pay attention to how she does her makeup. You'll get tons of ideas to play around with.
Start by uploading your photo on this virtual makeover, it's free and it will help you determine what colors look best on you ;)鈥?/a>
I would go for a dark pink but not really dark, or brown blush, and a dark brown eyeliner and mascara,

and something that matches your eye color. :-)

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