Thursday, December 3, 2009

HELP! makeup question involving contacts! --10 points--?

so i just got contacts today. when i was learning to put them in i found my makeup coming off and getting onto the lens. my mascara though is pretty clumpy but i don't really have the funds to invest in a good one at the moment. what are some tips to make my mascara less clumpy?

and putting on eyeliner. i used to put it like right on the water line in between the lashes and the eye, but now it will probably irritate contacts. how can i apply it so this doesn't happen?HELP! makeup question involving contacts! --10 points--?
Alright, help is on the way from a fellow contact lens wearer and make up lover.

When applying mascara, even if its ';cheap,'; when you are sliding the wand from root to tip of the lashes, try moving the wand in tiny back and forth motions so its kind of like its separating each lash. Also, do not apply more mascara after the first application has already dried, that is a major clump cause. Also if you have one, use an eyebrow comb to come out any clumps that may be there.

Now as far as eyeliner, I use to apply mine in the exact same place youre talking about, until it started burning my eyes WITHOUT contacts. So here's what you can try:

Use your finger to pull your eye tight (I guess the best way to describe this would be to pull your eye as if you were making fun of an Asian person) this will keep the lid from moving all over the place while trying to make a straight line. Do no apply it right along the water line, but above the lash line (top lid) and right below the lash line (bottom lid). A GREAT trick that I discovered that is actually 10000 times better than using an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner is to get one of those small make up brushes, with short bristles that are slanted diagonally. Get the bristles moist (either use a tiny bit of water or just lick the brush.. i promise its not that gross lol) then pass the brush through black eyeshadow a few times in order to get it onto the bristles **do not get the bristles TOO wet because this will just cause all kinds of messy, runny make up issues**, then use THAT for eyeliner. I was skeptical about it staying on all day, but surprisingly, it always stays on ALL DAY long! And if you cannot afford a small brush (you can get them by the wet n wild products for about 99 cents) then just get a small short bristled paint brush and use scissors to cut the bristles into a slant.

Also, make sure that you put your contacts in BEFORE you apply ANY of your make up, this way you can avoid getting foundation, shadow, blush, etc. that may be on your finger tips, into your contacts.

*The person below me that said put contacts in after your make up is all on.. DO NOT LISTEN TO HER! Im serious. Have you ever tried holding your eye open while you have mascara and eyeshadow on, to put in a contact WITHOUT messing your make up up? Thats honestly the dumbest thing a person could tell you to do with your contacts is put your contacts in after you have all of your make up on, because then if your eye is burning or irritated, your eyes water and ruin all of your make up so you have to wash it all off and do it all again. PUT YOUR CONTACTS IN BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF YOUR MAKE UP, that way, if they are uncomfortable or irritated, you dont have to wash your entire face and do all of your make up all over again.HELP! makeup question involving contacts! --10 points--?
for the eye liner put it right under the eyelashes like a thin line and for the mascara put it on then if you can buy one of them brushes with the two headed comb and like brush kinda thing. its not that expensive and use the comb side and it wil declump the mascara
Make sure the makeup you buy says ';safe for contact lenses'; on it! I bought an eyeliner a little while ago and didn't check, and it ended up smearing ALLLL over them and I could barely see, and ruined 2 pairs of contacts [I didn't realize that's what did it the first time].

Also try to find a waterproof eyeliner, it will help stop it from rubbing off onto your contacts. If you can, put your contacts in after you apply your makeup [it always smears for me when I try that, but maybe you're more careful than I am :-P]

I really like Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, I wear it and it doesn't get on my contacts too bad.

And you don't need to spend a lot of money on a good mascara, Maybelline has one called Great Lash [in a pink and green tube] that's really good and pretty cheap.

Oh and make sure if you use hairspray, that you close your eyes. Spray your hair in a different area than you do everything else, so none of the leftover spray in the air gets on your contacts. It really ruins them :-[

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