Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hair & makeup help ? :)?

so i have really thin hair, and i've always wanted long long hair, so i tried growing my hair, and when it got a little above my chest, i realized it looks REALLY flat! so i cut it up to my shoulders and it still looks pretty flat ! grr it makes me so mad that my hair doesnt cooperate!!

what can i do do have really nice hair ?!

and i also usually pin half of my hair up because my hair looks awful when its all down!

and also, i've asked this question before, but what can i do to make my eyes pop?

i've done eyelashes before, and i dont like them!

my skin is naturally really tan, so its pretty dark so i've never really tried eyeshadows, so what colors should i try?

people have told me to use white eyeliner in my tear ducts, so i'll try that, and i usually don't wear black eyeliner on the top of my eyelid, just the bottom, with mascaraa

help would be really awesome!

schools starting soon so i want to look good for the first day :)Hair %26amp; makeup help ? :)?
If you want more volume, go for some layers and buy a good volumeizer, I like Got2b, blow dry your hair on low and up, like use the brush to hold the hair up and blow dry the roots that should help your hair look better and not as flat.

white eye liner in the water line may not work because of your skin tone, it may look a little strange, try like an off white, or even a bright color to help make your eye pop a little more.

As for the eye shadow, it really depends on your eye color, if you have green eyes, golds and purples look good, blue eyes also golds, whites/off whites, blues, hazel/brown eyes, greens, lighter purples, frosty golds.Hair %26amp; makeup help ? :)?
Well if your hair is already really thin

you shouldn't do anything to damage it

anymore or you'll have no hair

but you should straighten it

%26amp;%26amp; ii think you should get a side bang

so your hair wont be boring

and to make my eyes pop ii use

a bit of mascara then some eyeliner

but gently

hope I helped ?
well they have volumizing shampoos which help with flat hair. sleeping with curlers help because since your hair is so flat you wont wake up like shirley temple. itll just be a slight bounce, enough to add body, and if you dont like it you can comb it out.

ummmm for your eyes use an eyeliner made for your eyes. like covergirl has this whole line with shadows, mascaras and liners made for certain colored eyes. its relatvely cheap and i love it.
you've got to tease the hell out of your hair, add mousse to your roots and just a tad of hairspray.

for your eyes just use a thin black liquid liner on top. with the mascara on the top also but not on the bottom it'll look like tiny spider legs. use shimmery brwon eyeshadow
Get some clip in extensions, they'll make your hair instantly nice. :)

And as for your makeup. Put white eye shadow around where your tear ducts are. Then put eyeliner on JUST the TOP of your eyelids and mascara. It opens your eyes up and looks really pretty.
Get layers.
Hi, let's start with your hair first, I would recommend Root Lifter and Pantene Full Body Hair Spray, they both work really great for flat or thin hair, also make certain that you change shampoos every other day for more body. Have you tried blow drying your hair while you bend over from the waist, it adds much body. Try these Pantene products and that little blow drying trick and you'll see the difference, it works!!!!

For your pretty eyes and nice olive complexion you should go with pretty pastel pinks or light greens and for liner, of course you can wear black liner or the white as well. Experiment with the eye liners and colors and you'll get a ';good feel'; for what looks great on you.

Good luck on your return to school and I'm sure you'll look so pretty.
try adding in some clip on extensions, or start doing some hairstyles that make your hair look thicker, and like you have more hair. ( something like an audrina patridge hair, search it on youtube ). for makeup i would line your water line (bottom line) with a creamy white eyeliner, then apply some white shimmering eyeshadow in the tear ducts ( also on the ball of your eye helps ). next draw a very thin line with eyeliner ( liquid recommended ) on your top lid, finish off with a lengthening and volumizing mascara like lash blast. if this doesn't help try michelle phan's anime eyes minus some steps of course or bubzbeauty's brighter larger rounder eyes, both on youtube ;)
You have hair like me! I do grow my hair long, because that's what I prefer. It's down to my boobs now and that's the length I like it best. I do get layers in it, which adds some volume and texture.

The best volumizer I've used is Jonathan's root lifting spray ($28 at Sephora)鈥?/a>

It's the only volumizing product I've tried that has worked and keeps the volume in my hair. Also try using a volumizing mousse when your hair is damp (Aussie actually makes a decent one, but I can't remember the exact name).

For now you can add in extensions to get length, and they will also add volume - just have it done professionally, since with thin hair it's easy for extensions to show where they clip/glue in.

As for your eyes, do shades that are light and shimmery for your entire lid and pair with darker shades for the mid to outer corner (like a light shimmery pink combined with a black). Then line eyes top and bottom - if you can only do one, just line the top. Then put on two coats of black mascara.
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