Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hair and makeup help; asap!?

how can get my bangs to stay like this chick in this video

and how do i do my makeup like hers too.

i was just on youtube; and notice tht her bangs were staying in place and thts how want my bangs to be without using a clip to hold them to stay out of my eyes.

and also ive always wanted my makeup like the way she has it, but i just dont know how to do it.. or what to use.

so.... please and thanks for your help.鈥?/a>Hair and makeup help; asap!?
she most likely uses a combination of liquid eyeliner %26amp; some eyeshadow. as for the hair most likely with hair wax %26amp; definitely use a brush and hair dryer and form it that way.Hair and makeup help; asap!?
if you have hair like her this should be really easy::

hair-%26gt;straighten it. if your hair is naturally straight do it anyway to give it shine and to keep it down.comb them to either side and rat it underneath. if you dont know how take a close-toothed comb and brush it the wrong way. in other words: comb it towards your head.spray it. i recommend CHI flat iron but it is relatively expensive so settle for a nice conair. aussie hair spray.

makeup-%26gt;apply thin layer of dark brown/black eyeliner to top lid on the outside. along with that use an olive green or light brown eyeshadow ((a very thin layer!)) lastly use dark brown or black mascara and apply it normally, but twirl the brush towards you whilst going upwards.

hope this helps!!
well it looks like she parted her bangs really thick and she layered them.. she dosent really have make up on.. she just has eye liner on her top lids and if you wanted to.. you could put a really light shade of eye shadow thats looks very natural..

hope that helpddd;;
first side parting ure hair n use loads of ahirspray to keep it in place x

loads of black eyeliner n mascara n blueish eyeshadow x

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