Thursday, December 3, 2009

Smudgy me!!? here's my problem,but before i say anything i have to tell u that i don't wear that much makeup i don't use foundation,mascara or eyeshadow..i just put on blush,eyeliner or kohl and occasinally lip gloss..the problem is that when i first put my makeup it's perfect,then i go out and when i check it in a mirror i look eyeliner gets all smudgy and my blush gets oily and my lipgloss disappears leaving my lips dry me ( i'm 16 so i don't want makeup tips that r gonna make me look ridicolous for my age)..and i have another question,i study so sometimes i stay up late and the next day i get these black circles under my do i cover those??Smudgy me!!?
I used to have that problem. For eyeliner, its best not to use pencil or liquid. I use gel eyeliner that I buy from Sephora. It's called smudge pots by Stila. I love it. It costs around $18 but you also need to buy an eyeliner brush to apply it. Its pricey, but i think its worth it. My eyeliner rarely ever smudges. For eyeshadow, you can use a primer which like makes your eyeshadow stick to your face all day, till you wash it. I use Urban Decay's primer potion. Its really great. And for blush, i dont know, i think you can use a face primer, but i dont know any. But if seriously, if you have any like questions, I would just drive to any Sephora store and ask one of the people there because they know all the make up so well so yep. Hope this helped :]Smudgy me!!?
Can I ask if the make up brand you're using is fairly cheap? This sounds like a problem with the more discount brands, they are great for experimentation, but they don't have any staying power unfortunately.

Try a more expensive range and then it might make a difference. Either that or go to a department store and ask what they would recommend. Don't feel obliged to buy, but they might give you some good tips.

I have never really found a lip gloss that lasts the night...but the make up gals might know some secrets.

The best thing to cover black circles is concealer, but Estee Lauders Touche Eclat is very expensive - over 拢20, but you might be able to find something a bit more affordable in the high street. Don;t stay up too late, you need your beauty sleep as well as study time.

Good luck honey and best wishes for 2009 ;-)
4 circles, apply ,ineral powder liquid foundation a few shades lighter than your skin to the circles then let it dry and with mineral power powder foundation YOUR same color, brush it over to blend it in. for shiny skin, before appling makeup us a matttifying lotion(Mark Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion) to mosturize skin and absorb excessoil. soak up midday shine with a dusting of translucent powder(Cover Girl Fresh Look Pressed Powder in Translucent medium). for streaky blush get a new dome shaped brush every year, try Prestige Blush Shader and Cover Girl TrueCheeks Blush in 1. dor clumpy mascara, after appling your mascara use a lash comb to seperate your lashes and sweep away excess product. carefully comb from thr base of the lashes to the tips with a Sonia Kashuk Deluxe Lash/Brow Groomer. for makeup that melts off, for makeup to last it needs a clean smooth surface to cling to. use an exfoliant(Biore Detoxify Daily Scrub) to reduce oiliness, then top your skin with an oil-absorbing mosturizer(Perscriptives All You Need Fast Acting Mosturizer for Oiler Skin). After you mosturize wait 10 min before you apply makeup. for smearing eyeliner, then skin around your eye is superslick, making it tough for liner to stay put. opt for a waterproof version(try N.Y.C. New York Color Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Smoky Plum), which will withstand oil, sweat, and tears. but before u apply, dip a Q-tip in an oil absorbing face powder and trace along your lash-line to make liner stick.
Try priming your eyes before wearing eyeliner. Set your face makeup with a spray of water or fix+ from MAC. For your lips try wearing chap stick underneath your lip gloss.
For the black circles, could you try skin colored eye shadow to

cover them and it might be the make up thats makes you

look horrible, try different brands? or maybe even Organic.

im not sure. hope this helps.
you have to put on lotion before you apply makeup.

it makes your skin so smooth.

and also try mixing baking powder with your makeup it will give it a good constituency. so it will glide on smooth. then after you put your make up on, spray some hair spray in your palm, rub it around then smooth it on your face, it will make your makeup last all day. but not too much, it can make your face sticky, just a dot.
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