Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hair, Makeup help? Pictures included [:?

Okee dokeee..

So, I straighten my hair at night, cause its naturally curly, and i touch it up in the morning, easy huh? NOT so much. I spay on different stuff, and it keeps my hair the same texture but my ends always flip in or my hair gets poofier, even when i straighten it it flips in even if i try to straighten it or flip it out, I wanna be able to get my hair pin straight.

What color eyeliner is best for eyes that change from greenish to blueish? I want them to be more blue than green.

And also whats the best way to do eyeliner?

I usually do black on top and bottom but i heard that makes your eye looks smaller?

Anddd What hair color would make my eyes skin etc look prettier?

Or highlights/lowlights.

Heres a Le Picturaaa of mwah:

* PLease add tips on how to do eyeliner, and whats the best step by step makeup tips? Including foundation and blah blah blah. [:

*do you like my hair better up or down?

Also what hairstyles, [[not cut]] but style would look best on me?

Thank yall soo muchhh! =P



Hair, Makeup help? Pictures included [:?
i lovee your hair in the first picture and i like the way you do your eyeliner ^_^Hair, Makeup help? Pictures included [:?
Your hair looks fine. Don't change it. And so does your make-up. You're probably going a little heavy on the eye-makeup, but not bad. Don't do anything different. Then again your face was all schrunched up in these pics
Wtf are you doing with your mouth...
ooh please don't make that face

you look like a demon
u annoy me.

i like ur hair

in the last pic u look like miley cyrus
u put eyeliner on pretty good..and ur hair looks good both ways
i agree with the first answer-er; you look like miley cryus when your hair is in a pony tail, very pertty - and don`t do funny faces, like the first or second picture, it looks very .... un attractive.

if you like black eyeliner, you`ll love a plum eyeliner color . ;

if you want your eyes to look bigger you can apply, black on top eyelids, and white eyeliner on bottom eyelids, it makes sleepy eyes bigger.

- and get some side swept bangs? :)
i like your hair up.

but its pretty either way.

my hair is oober curly put i dont straighten it or dry it.

cause any heat really isnt good for your hair %26amp; damages it causing split ends.

almay makes eyeliners for different eye colors.

a brown will be more natural also a purple may look really kool.

if you want to make your eyes look bigger

than just line and outer rims from the middle and dont line the inner eye

i like your hair dark.

%26amp; i dont think you need any makeup tips cause your face is already pretty

i am more of a natural person

so i dont have many tips cause i think you are pretty the way you are

but myabe add a little lip color

burts bees pomegrante chapstick adds color and isnt sticky

you should give it a try

maybe you

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