Thursday, December 3, 2009

Need makeup help!?

Im not really a girly girl. But lately I have been comparing myself to my bestfriend, ( she is GORGEOUS, and all the guys look and hit on her when we go out) and i've realized that first impression go a long way. So, I really want to start to take care of myself and begin to put some effort into my appearance. I don't know a lot about makeup. so i need help. I have small deep set eyes, but their a beautiful navy blue, and would like them to stand out. also, i have a lot of redness and uneven skin tone. and freckles on top of that . HELP!Need makeup help!?

A good one would be MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation.

You can go to the mall at The macys store and look for MAC at their make up section.

%26amp;you can ask for the person to find a good color that matches your skin.

It's a Great foundation, makes your skin look natural and hides redness.

it costs about 26 dollars.

if you want a cheaper foundation..

Hmm the best one would be Revlon colorstay.. you can find it in wal mart/target.

it's about 10 or 6 dollars.

If you want more eyes.

or what so ever.

There is this youtube videos from this girl,amy.

She is amazingg! Explains what's best for your eyes

to make them stand out orwhat so ever:;p=r

Look towards the last page.

I hope you get the look you want.

I totally recommend you to look at her videos.

I hope this helped!

(:Need makeup help!?
ok, wear a black or brown mascara depending on your hair colour and an eyeshadow that goes with either your eyes or what your wearing. dont put greasy foundation on your face or you will just get spots, instead use a consteal stick to cover freakles and blemeshes and powder.

wear a light lipstick or a natural colour or a natural looking lipgloss, when your going somewhere special use a darker colour. i hope i have helped!!
ok u should use a dark pink eyeshadow and a ruby red lipstick but not to red u should also use a black or clear mascera and leave ur hair down
well if your new its best to use a little put on some mascara on your top eyelashes a little foundation for your foundation u can try maybeline mineral powder and some eyeliner on the bottom and some lip gloss that's about all u need it want to add some eyeshadow you can a little goes along way before you put on any thing on your face put some moisturizer on first i hope this helps you
Go to the make up counter at the mall and ask them to show you how to apply the make up and what to use. While you are there, ask them to tell you what your skin tone is and what make up and fabric colors are best/worst for you. Since you are talking about your appearance, also find out your face shape, and get a hair cut for your face shape, and buy your clothes based on your body shape,鈥?/a> These things will make sure that you are doing everything you can to help yourself feel put together. As for your feelings about how you look, realize different guys look for different things. The guys you really want will look at YOU, no matter what. You do the best you can to be presentable, and then look for the ones that are looking at you.
Well for starters you need to moisturize your skin on a daily baisis. in the morning,nights and after you shower. and about the make-up, almay has this line of special make-up that intensifies you eye color one of them is the Bring out Collection from almay. and the other is the Play up collection, also from almay. if you go to their website ( it help you chose the products that are best for you eye color. and before you aply any make up on make shure to apply lotion first. and if u want to hide your redness you should buy some cover up...i perfer powder, like maybelline's mineral powder, it looks really natural.

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