Thursday, December 3, 2009

Halloween makeup HELP!?

Well for Halloween (I know it's like 3 months away) but never to late to start planning. And well I dont wanna look beat up, just messed up lol. For halloween I want to be Emily Rose from that movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. And I can find an outfit easily, but I wanna know how to do the makeup..heres a picture example!鈥?/a>

I want like the discolored skin, the dark circles under the eyes, and yeah..

I dont really need the techniques I just want to know what's the best halloween makeup to use? Please post links of the halloween makeup! And if you can tell me how to apply it.

Thanks :)Halloween makeup HELP!?
wel actualy for tha costume u could just get a short old whiteish palish pink night gown and yeah just get dark eye shadow maybe im not sure how tha will look but then use a pale foundation likk dead people foundation haha and kinda use a darker likk foundation type thing for tha dark circle under eyes if u wanna em to llook natural then go a lil darker thn ur skin

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