Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stage Makeup Help?

My highschool is doing ';South Pacific'; and I am playing the role of Ngana, and one of my best friends is Jerome. We are both really pale skinned, and we're supposed to look sunkissed. I don't know how I'm going to pull this off, because I'm doing both of our faces. We talked about bronzer and that sort of thing, and that's about it. I don't want to overdue it, but I want to look really cute!

P.S. Sorry guys, but I can only use CoverGirl on my face. I have allergic reactions to everything else but that. All the people I talked to and that I will be doing their makeup, said that they can use CoverGirl, too. I can't handle (literally) anything else. I really hope this doesn't make matters worse :/

And, I'm also in charge of doing a few of the sailors' makeup too. The boys aren't very excited that they have to wear makeup, but they look so washed out on stage. Any suggestions?

Thank you to everyone who answers my question, I hope you all are familiar with CoverGirl! :]Stage Makeup Help?
OK! I am a dancer and actress and trust me when it comes to show makeup I am the queen!!!!! I am also familiar with covergirl. So for you and friend:

The sunkissed look:

Brown eyeliner around your whole eye with mascara. Dark brown eyeshadow over your whole lid, with a light brown on your brow bone.

Use a foundation that is your color, but then use a powder that is 1 shade darker and dust this all over your face, neck, and chest/shoulder area. Then use bronzer on your cheeks.

Use a nude lipstick and gloss.

If you want to glow use some sort of shimmer on your temples and a teeny bit on your cheeks.


Use blush! A lot of blush! Try for a true pinkish shade, not peach or brown. Pink pops out the most

Lipstick (dark brown, pink, or red whatever you/they are comfortable with)

Mascara! make their eyelashes really big! Fake eyelashes would be great if they are ok with that.

SO don't go too overboard with the sailors.... lol no pun intended, just that should help them look more alive.

Good luck! Break a leg!Stage Makeup Help?
for the boys, just go with foundation. don't bother with lipsticks or anything like that.

try bronzer and different shades of Covergirl foundation during your dress rehearsals.

in stage makeup, if you think there is too much, then there is probably just the right amount. remember that the bright stage lights will be hitting you, making you look more washed out than you really are. good luck!
ok this is when victoria's secret store walks in they always look super bronzed but not over bronzed soo first of all before anything if you have every gone to the beach check do you turn into a lobster red skin or kinda tannish? if you turn into a lobster red skin tone then try bronzers only but if you turn into a tannish yelowish or anything like that then go to a tanning salon look for one in close to your home. ok here are some of my fave products;rfnbr=3391;rfnbr=3235

bare beronze collection works..then after that try putting on a little bit of shimmer lotion to make it mostuize so it wont look overdone itll cost about all in total less then $50 or even less!

hope i helped and good luck
maybe get a tinted moisturizer, and a foundation that is SLIGHTLY darker than ur skin tone (just make sure u don't look orange) and then a little bronzer on cheekbones, chin, and forehead :) good luck
I'm surprised you can only use cover girl - the ingredients aren't always the best for sensitive skin.

I designed the stage makeup for The King and I several years ago - I used a water-based makeup called Kryolan for the body - You have to keep the sponge wet as you apply, but it wears for the entire performance.

As far as for your face - make sure it blends into the neck/decollatage area for continuity. If all you can use is Cover Girl, go a shade or two darker than your skin tone, then powder for staying power and add bronzer to where the sun would normally touch your skin first: forehead, nose, cheeks %26amp; chin.

Practice, practice, practice!

BREAK A LEG!!!! :-)

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