Friday, December 11, 2009

I need makeup help?

I鈥檓 a goth of color and I鈥檓 looking for some make up tips. I鈥檓 getting tired of wearing the same makeup style every day and I don鈥檛 want to look like some odd person that doesn鈥檛 know what color of make up to wear by wearing some make that is to light for me.

This might help:

I鈥檓 a light African American with a high golden under tone; with deep set dark brown eyes, full lips that are not huge.

So, if anyone know anything or know where I can find some makeup tips, thanks for helping.I need makeup help?
For Full Lips:



Instead, Use Almay Lipstick. There is a type which delivers moisture along with beautifully even color. Use that with a undercoat of chap stick for a meshed clean look. Here's a link to the lip stick-鈥?/a>

For Your Skin-


I Suggest These Products;


Chanel Corrective Concealer. Just put a dot on any blemish and tap until blended. For more details click the link.鈥?/a>


Covergirl Professional Loose Powder. This is a great powder because it covers any other toning problems. Its light aswell. The last thing you need is over made- up skin.

Heres the link:鈥?/a>



Eyeliner- Chanel Longlasting Eyeliner is great because it defines eyes as much as you need it too. Try thickening it at the ends and making it lighter as you get closer in. Also, try a top lid line.鈥?/a>

Eyeshadow- Bobbi Brown Midnight Metallics in ROCKSTAR. It's a deep brown to accent your eyes, go from light to dark. Light starting at the lid ridge progressing dark almost to the brow.鈥?/a>


Revolon 3D Extreme Mascara in Black or Brown will accent your eyes and skin color.鈥?/a>

ClEaNsInG and Removal-

Daily Cleansing ( for removal aswell)-

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser is a great cleanser for just cleaning the face or removing makeup.鈥?/a>

Exfoliating ( Every other day to replace daily cleanser before makeup appliance)

Oxygenating Facial Scrub is great for clean, fresh tingle for after a big night of makeup鈥?/a>

If You Have Acne? That works. You can replace that with the daily scrub. But be sure to still exfoliate.

Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Set is a gentle yet effective way to make your skin comfortable even when you wear makeup鈥?/a>

Selective Makeup Removal-

Ponds Cold Cream is a deep cleaner along with a fabulous makeup remover.

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Hope I Helped!I need makeup help?
Use gold shadow, dark brown or black eyeliner on your waterline, some mascara (try MAC ZoomLash) and some gloss (try MAC Instant Gold)
try simple makeup

some colored eyeshadow

some eyeliner



nice girly lipstick

that way you will hve a change =)

and since ther are variety of eyeshadows

then you can change around and feel different and explore things =)
try darkish bues and violets......stay away from reds and light greens
umm i think with darker tones i like the shinier eye shaddows like mabey a shiny blue or green. um i think that if you wear lipstick use the darker yet natural and sparkley colors. so yea just try to be yourself and if ppl will judge you 4 the way that you look then they are perty shallow:) good luck

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