Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding makeup help!?

I am a fair skinned red head (medium red not auburn not strawberry). I went to clinique this weekend to have them do my make-up for me as a trial for my wedding. The lady put black (not kidding) eye shadow, thick eyeliner and super red lipstick on me! I looked like the bride of frankenstein! So what I want to know is what makeup is best for pictures. I want a SOFT look. So matte type foundation (I have freckles and red spots) and I have no clue about the eye shadow color. This is my dress if if helps give you any ideas.鈥?/a> My dress color is champagne and we are getting married at 4:00pm at a winery.Wedding makeup help!?
For a soft natural look she should have been using browns, bronzes and golds, a thin brown eyeliner, rosy cheeks and a pink or champagne lip glossWedding makeup help!?
Wow that dress is beautifull! :)

Congratulations on getting married :)鈥?/a> very pretty red head bride :) I just typed in 'red head bride' on google images.. this might give you an idea of what kind of make up and stuff to do :)

I think you should wear blue or green eyeshadow? Im not sure.. im not good with colours.. sorry!

Have Fun!!! xx
THIN black eye liner at the top of your eyes, with a little brown eye shadow at the corners of your lid to make your eyes pop. Black Mascara on top and bottam (curl your eye lashes!). Matt foundation of course with a sheer lip gloss :]
just go simple because ur dress is already beautiful enough and congratulations
I'm a fellow redhead, and I also went for a makeup trial at Clinique to learn some wedding tips. I was also shocked at what the lady did to me! She did me up all in blue! It was bad... The best bet is look around at your friends whose makeup you like on them and ask them for tips on colors and things. That's what I ended up doing and I'm still learning as I go. Just keep trying different things and see how you like it. I'm starting slowly with different shades of light purples and some browns. That way it's not too much of a crazy dramatic difference, since this is the first time I've really started wearing makeup (and I'm 31). Good luck!

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