Thursday, December 3, 2009

Need Makeup Help Please?

I know this sounds weird, but I'm 18 and I've never really worn makeup before, it was just easier not to y'know? So here's the deal, I bought some Mary-Kate and Ashley eye powder, but it looks kind of boring, I want a more dramatic look than just one color, does anyone have any tips on how to apply makeup and how to make it look good and dramatic without lookin' skank? Oh, and what are some good colors? I'm blonde with blue eyes and I know blue takes away from my eyes rather than enhancing them.

Thanks!Need Makeup Help Please?
Want you need:

Eyeshadow (dark color for your lid, a darker color for your crease, a lighter color for your brow bone)


Eyelash curler (optional)

Eyeliner (liquid for a more dramatic look, pencil for easy smudging)

Best colors for your eyes: brown, gold, grays, and coppery colors (any kind of eye makeup)

The first step is to apply eye shadow on your lids. Some people put their finger at their outer corner of their eye and pulls it so it's taut. Then they apply it. Apply the darkest eyeshadow to your crease. Then apply the lightest eyeshadow to your brow bone. Skip this step if you haven't tweezed or waxed your brows in a while, it makes it more noticeable.

Apply eyeliner. If it's liquid best to apply in one stroke since if you make a mistake it's more noticeable. Pencil liner can be applied in short strokes. Avoid holding your eyes taut since that can stretch your skin out and mess up your eyeliner. Smudge line if it's pencil.

Use eye lash curler. Apply mascara in a zig zag motion at your lash line to the tips of your lashes. Hold the mascara brush vertically and gently brush on your bottom lashes.

Tips: Never ever match your eye make up to your eye color or clothing. For a less dramatic look only use mascara and/or eyeliner. Only using a lid color helps make it look less dramatic also. When going dramatic on your eyes, use a light colored or nude colored lip stick or gloss. Don't play up your eyes and lips at the same time or you'll look sk*nky. Hope I helped!Need Makeup Help Please?
Take a dark navy or gray eyeshadow and use a very thin brush to apply it on your top lash line, not all the way to the crease. Then take a shimmery silver and apply it all the way a little above your crease. Use the same dark shadow and brush and apply it just below your lower lash line, very close to your lashes. Smudge the line so it looks soft. Curl you lashes. Use a lengthening mascara and your top and bottom lashes. All set! You can also use colored mascara to really make your eyes pop, like purple or maroon. You can get a really great purple mascara at Kohls, the brand is called Flirt.
If it's your eyes that you want to play up, make sure you go minimal on the rest of your makeup. Put a light colour all over your lids and then put a darker colour just on your lids - but don't cake it on too much. Purple is a fun colour for you. Use a champagne coloured shadow all over, some pinkish-purple all over your lid and some purple near your lash line. Then add some liquid liner and mascara. This is more of a night look. You don't want to go too dark for during the day.
you should wear a brown smokey look if you want dramatic buy eyeshadows from MAC. they are great =) you can also try a gray smkey look it will bring your color eyes, apply some eyeliner and alot of mascara =)
Try a smokey-gray eyeliner. It really brings out blue eyes! Maybe a bit of gold eyeshadow layered on-top of another smokey-gray eyeshadow. It won't look bad, I promise. Definitely not sk*nky. Best of luck!

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