Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teen makeup help?

I am 12 years old. I have mild acne, it is treated. I need a simple but cute makeup look that I can complete in about 10 minutes. What colors are in? What shapes of eveshadow and blush??? Any cheap brands? Any pics or something? I don't know a lot about make up and I am not allowed to wear eyeliner. :( I don't want to completly pop, more natural I guess. Does anyone have any ideas???Teen makeup help?
Since you do have mild acne you want to be careful with how much foundation you use, if any. Try a tinted moisturizer a moderately cheap brand is Neutrogena. A good mascara will really make your eyes pop and you can buy this for as little as $3 try covergirl for a cheaper brand. As for eyeshadow shades try neutrals; tans, browns, beige, apricots, etc. If you want to go for a pretty look try a light shimmery shadow, dust a light peach color onto the apples of your cheeks (the chubby part of your face when you smile), put a couple of coats of mascara on and swipe yourr lips with a sheer gloss or lip baln. *Remember less is more! Good luck!Teen makeup help?
bonne bell has simple not so much out there make up get:


pale pink lipgloss (or coral for more noticeable)

shimmery gold or warm caramel eyeshadow

sum natural blush (maybe rosy)

or if you want cheap but decent - wet n' wild

also there are sum makeup tests you can take online to see what colors fit you for lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, nailpolish, etc.
Match youre eye-shadow with the shade of you eyes of tshirlt, and line you eyes OR mascara ( never both )
I think it's better to use maybeline because it's not really expensive and has good quality. If I were you, if you are a fair skin girl then you go for darker colors or if you're a black/brown/morena skin girl then go for lighter colors. Just remember to put less make up to keep it looking natural but if you really wanna stand out then use a red lipstick.
twelve year olds look best with cute, classic, or a glamorous makeup style. I recoment mascara... covergirl works well... also a pink liploss... im 16 and i still love lip smackers! you should experiment with colors that will bring out the color of your eyes. green: lavendars and plums, browns, and tans

Blue: light green, blue, grays and pinks

Brown: green, pink, and light brown

I recomend Rimmel eyeshadow because it is cheap and it works great!

also, i just read that u hav hazel eyes: I do also, I usually do a brown or a light green, when u are older try BLUE EYELINER it looks great with hazel eyes!
okay, if ur blond use brown or gray mascara, if ur anything else use black mascara cos its too dramatic for u if ur blonde.

if ur gonna wear eyeshadow, keep it ONE colour. gold is usually a winner, so is green. for blue eyes keep it darker colours

For blush, ask someone u trust what colour suits you the most, dont ask people at the counter of shops cos they will try and make you buy everything...

hope this helps:)
Clinique has the most safest makeup u can use that wont make u break out more. you could get a light weight liquid foundation, a tanish eyeshadow, and some mascara, and you would be good to go!!!

hope i helped
Here is a pic of my makeup. I think it might work. It was for a costume party and I like it for everyday use. LONG TIME AGO!! Just take away the eyeliner.鈥?/a>

Hope u like!
Try to use color within your eyes. If you have brown eyes use a gold or rust. If you have blue eyes use a gray or navy.Use more of a peach for cheeks that works well on teens. You don't have to wear eye liner to make your eyes pop.Black mascara works perfectly well. Never over do it.
whatever you do... dont match your eyeshadow with your tee shirt or dress or anything. BIG FASHION DONT. and i think you should use mineral makeup
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