Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need makeup Help please?

I'm37 have had bad skin all my life. Scaring,large pores. You name it..

I have had no luck with foundations or powders. I have spent $70 just on one primer and that didn't even work.

Here is the problem when I wear foundation it's not heavy enough,I try to stay away from the cake look. The shimmer that most foundation give off and some even make my skin oily, makes my scares and pores look huge. Powders really bring out the pores.

So I have to ask is there anyone out there with the same problem and what do you recommend other then sticking my whole head in the fire placeI need makeup Help please?
i understand what you mean..

I think you should give revlon colorstay a try..

it will feel like your own skin... and will stay on

just remember to blend quickly .. and dont get a color too dark..

as they come a bit tan.

u can get it at cvs.. if it works for you.. u will know it..

it just totally beats out other foundations in that it completely whipes away any traces of scars/marks..acne..

but.. doesnt wipe off ure face.. if u touch it.. or look like a mess

it just dries and sets wonderully.. on your skin..

u'd have to try itI need makeup Help please?
First DO NOT USE THICK AT ALL!!!!!! this will finish destroying your skin. First off I will give you a solid routine that if you follow you WILL HAVE flawless skin.

Brand: Bee Luscious Cosmetics

Skincare: Papaya Enzyme products ( Cleanser, Toner,Scrub and Mask)

Oil Control day lotion and oil free night treatment

Liquid Minerals Foundations and PORE PERFECTING FACE PRIMER!

I have over 20 years experience and I know what I am saying this totally works.
have you tried using monistat chaffing gel as a primer? it's the best and cheapest i've ever tried

also you could try using a glycolic acid (10%+) lotion every night, after 3 months i really started noticing my scars%26amp;wrinkles fading away- it'll take some patience but the results are worth it!!

clinique makes a whole ine of products to minimize/conceal pores
ERA classified cosmetics spray on foundation

you can google this up

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