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Eyecolor & makeup help (pic)?

This is my eye:

Sometimes my eyes are more green and in the sunlight, they look even yellow/orange! Are they hazel?

What kind of liner %26amp; eyeshadow shades goes well with my eyecolor???

In this pic I wear just a little bit of basic beige shadow, so boring. My clothes are usually black, grey or purple/eggplant in color. Hair is ruby red.

I can't wear reddish eyeshadow, because then I look sick, tired and weird! As you can see, my undereyes are pinky/purplish and my skin is very pale. I want to freshen up my eyes and look stylish.

Please help!!! Thanks!Eyecolor %26amp; makeup help (pic)?
You can wear a copper color shadow鈥?/a>

or you can do deep purples. Experiment and have fun. If you go to Sephora at the mall, they will help you for free and will put it on you! = )Eyecolor %26amp; makeup help (pic)?
Ok no one wears red eyeshadow except goths and stuff... becuase it looks retarded on everyone. If you want to freshen up your eyes use anti-bag creams, cold soaked black teabags on your eyes once a week, and illuminating concealer to hide the bags.

For eyeshadow, I suggest a soft, shimmery copper or beige, and gentle olive-y greens, nothing lime. For dressy occasions, shimmery lavender or gold, or rose gold. Brown, soft olive green, or taupe eyeliner would be nice, ofc black goes with everyone, and black mascara because you want to bring out your eyes- they're a beautiful colour!

A simple way to chic up your eyeshadow is to two-tone it- half or 2/3 your lid [the inside half] the lighter colour, and the outer third or half a darker colour. Be sure to pick complementary colours! For instance, you could put a shimmery cream [skin toned, only sparkly and a bit lighter] on the inside, and a shimmery copper on the outside.

Notice I say shimmery alot, because it looks better. Chalky colours look, well, chalky and dried out, and super shiny/saturated/sparkly colours look gothic, ghetto, trashy, or all of the above in a disgusting eyesore of a combination. And I take it you're not a goth or ghetto. :) Either that, or if it's sparkles, you look like a 12 year old. :/ So avoid those!

You can't wear too strong colours because you're pale, so avoid saturated, rich colours like bright pinks, oranges, purples, blues, etc. Clown look = bad.

Hope I helped, good luck!
Sparkly dark green liner on top and half on bottom It would bring out the green in your eyes ond ook really cool
Have you considered maybe using some sort of photo editor or a make-up website so that you can put on colors in the photo and see how it looks that way?
I think you are an autumn. Think woody greens and browns for shadows with black mascara. it will really bring out your eyes n wud look amazing with auburn hair
BeautiControl has Great makeup set, Eyes are very pretty, maybe a hazel, play around with makeup until you find something you like,
Green or Hazel Eyes:

1. Tried and True: brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green (because they are in the same greenish family, they brighten green eyes

Here you may find some more colors for funky variations:
Hi I am an esthetician(I do facials, waxing and makeup) I know how to bring out color in a hazel eye, but do not understand what you mean by yellow orange. What color is you hair? To bring out the green use a purplish color shadow. Start with a light mauve all over the lid (preferably matte) Then add a dark purple in the crease starting add the outer corner work into the crease. Then along the brow bone use a shimmery light pink. Make sure to BLEND. I would use a greenish tone eyeliner. For tips go to . I think this will help you because they give illisrations on application. They have beautiful colors. Good luck!
you have such a beautiful eye colour...don't wear reddish eyeshadow..cause that colour isn't meant for eyes lool, unless u wanna look like u just got punched in ur try to avoid that...i don't think ur the only one who looks sick with reddish eyeshadow to be honest...

browns would suite u very well, make sure u know how to apply different shades on ur eye at the same time but not only one solid colour, u might wanna check out some tutorials on utube they'ree pretty helpful...check out those user names they'r pretty girls who know what make up is about :





and checkout vids from 'canadian85', for inspirations from pics of nice make up she posts..

good luck

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