Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup help plz? girls only!!?

i need a simple eye makeup look but im not so sure how to do it...heres a pic of my eye so then u girls can help me *im malaysian btw*鈥?/a> is me with a bit of makeup but my phones quality not so good so u cant see much...but tell me wat u think鈥?/a>Eye makeup help plz? girls only!!?
asian eyes!

haha, don't worry, i'm half asia

so it's like different to work with it cause the shape

what up should do it use dark eyeliner on the top lid

preferably liquid, %26amp; put a thick later there %26amp; kind of curl

it up at the edges

and for your bottom lid, use a white eyeliner

or a color liner

%26amp; don't forget mascara, thickening!

:]Eye makeup help plz? girls only!!?
I think your eye makeup is OK in the second picture.

They say that the eyebrow frames the eye and I think you need more work on the eyebrows.
Try something that opens up your eyes and makes them pop like cat eyes. Black always looks really nice but you could also try bright metallic eyeliners which will really make your eyes stand out.

I think this would suit your eyes really well:鈥?/a>

Hope this helps! (:
Use an eyeshadow base or powder first.

You will want to treat the brow bone with as much as the lid. Apply lightest eyeshadow from lash line to brow. Apply contour shade (a slightly darker shade to the first colour)

to the inner and outer thirds of the brow bone (lid of the of the eye and up halfway towards the brow). Apply accent colour (darkest shade of the three that you are using) along the lash line - corner to corner then in along and up just over the crease of the eye. Blend accent colour back and fourth along the crease with brush. Apply thin line of defining pencil (or black eyeliner) above the upper lashes - corner to corner. Line below lower lashes from outside corner in just past inner area of the iris. Gently smudge both lines. Add mascara.


are used to open up - highlight.


create depth and definition in needed areas.


are darker shadows or liner smudging to give a smoky effect.

Hers a link for the models prefer website (witch is the brand of makeup dat i use) -
How about using a deep green, a gold , or a bronze eyeshadow, with either blaack eyeliner or a metallic colour such as gold, silver or bronze, it would bring out the colour of your eyes and make them look whiter!

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