Thursday, December 3, 2009

FIRST makeup help please?

I never wear makeup before, as I never know how should start. My features are pretty weird, differ from every one around me, so their suggestion wouldn't work.

- I'm mixed races; somehow look between Philippino %26amp; Israeli. I'm short, skinny and have oval face.

- I've got medium olive skin, black eyes, natural-curly black short hair

- I've got rasberry-colour lips

- I usually go out with a nerd-like black eyeglasses

- I'm still a student, I'd like to have natural look

Could anyone help me please? I really don't know anything but I know that I need to wear something on my face, I'm even 18 yrs old now.

Thanks in advance xxFIRST makeup help please?

I would go for a foundation such as this colour:鈥?/a>

Seeing as you said you have olive skin. The concealer being a litt;e lighter but not too much.

As for that the blush and everything is up to you. Saying that seeing as your beginning to wear make up I wouldn't wear too much. A little eyshadow and lip gloss should do. Even I don't wear much and I have been wearing make up for ages.

I hope this answers your question

Natalie xFIRST makeup help please?
well you want your eyes to really sparkle behind your glasses, so i would recommend mascara and maybe a little sparkly gold creme shadow on the inner corners and a little on the eyelids. (there are a lot of cheap choices of eyeshadow at your local drugstore; i use revlon)

now all you need is some pink blush and a little lipgloss. you can use lip balm if that's more comfortable. hope i helped :)
hahaha...woahh, u kinda described myself there...

i highly recommend going on youtube and searching make up tutorials. they are incredibly helpful. there's a wide trustworthy selection and they get really specific, too. (user michellephan even has a tutorial for make up with glasses)..ahhhh, gotta love youtube =)

hope this helps! =)
a little mascara some blush on your cheek bones and your good to go! :)

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