Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hmm, makeup help :) ?

going to a international school that lets me wear makeup, wahahaa :]

before, well, actually now, i'm going to a kor public school. and they are really strict. so yea, now that i'm gonna be free, help help help :D

any suggestions? like eyeliner/mascara, etc.

btw; the pics are sorta big so..back away some from the computer, lol.

1. reaaaaaaaal close up (as in, back away a lot)

2. an unsuccessful attempt to an ulzzang picture...sry :} ignore the fishface.

3. ah.. i look young ^__^

4. no comment, makeup help :) ?
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HTTP://WWW.akshoe.COMHmm, makeup help :) ?
try eyeliner only on your top lid as well as mascara, i would suggest wet and wild soft black for the eyeliner

put on black eyeliner on the bottom of your eye

if you don't know how kind of pull the skin underneath it down

so that pink line shoes up

put eyliner on that

and put on a thin layer on top

then use mascara on your top lashes but not bottom
black eyeliner on the top to open up your eyes and make your lash line look thicker- meaning itll look like you have more eyelashes- and some black mascara too- you can also wear white eyeliner on your bottom waterlne to make your eyes appear whiter and brighter, and they will also make your eyes open up too- eyeliner on your bottom waterline may be to much- maybe a brown color b.c it will look more natural- and most rele young girls are wearing A LOT of black eyeliner on their eyes, making them look like they have racoon eyes. tragic. anyway itll prob make u look younger if you wearthe black liner on your bottom to- which is y i stopped wearing it aswell. you can also wear a ligth powder foundation to even out ur skin tone and make your skin appear smoother- u need a good base for good makeup application so id suggest tht- minerla makeup looks the most natural and its great for summer-a cute peach or pink blush on the apples of ur cheeks too- put it all together and ur cute %26lt;3 lol

hope this helps
foundation: you have great skin so a foundation really isnt needed but if wanted a little something extra i would get the IDEAL SHADE Smooth Mineral Makeup it is great i would get the Shell or Pure Beige

blush: I would use a whole lot of blush maybe just a little and i would use the Smooth Mineral Blush by avon its is great and really highlites your natural color i would get either the Earthen Rose or Golden Glow

eyeshadow: if i was you i would order the Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Eyeshadow in the Ice Shimmer Trio purple would really bring out your eyes

eyeliner: nothing beats avons Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Kohl Eye Liner i would deff use black

mascara: I would use SuperFULL Mascara black by avon it will give your eye lashes a nice full uplifting look

lip stick: GLAZEWEAR Diamonds Lipstick in Coral Goddess and ruby slippers is great and Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss Gleaming Pink would be great .

you can order all these products at
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