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Okay, I luv to put on makeup. What goes on first concealer or liquid foundation? Help?

I know how to put makeup on myself. The only thing I would like to know what goes on first concealer or liquid foundation? I know the pressed powder comes in last. Please help?Okay, I luv to put on makeup. What goes on first concealer or liquid foundation? Help?
liquid foundation first.

no point concealing all the spots and then applying liquid foundation to ruin the well-blended areas.

then apply pressed powder, or brush on loose powder in a downwards motion to set the foundation.Okay, I luv to put on makeup. What goes on first concealer or liquid foundation? Help?
Concealer on problem areas.... then foundation to give it the smooth look... before even concealer...u should always put some moisturizer...and even better would be a moisturizer that has a little bit of SPF to protect ur skin! The more you protect ur skin, the less concealer and/or foundation you will need!
Definately the liquid foundation. All around.
put on the conceler first what the conceler dose is cover up any blemishes or zits u have and then the liquid stuff seals it. and plus if you put the powered conceler on last it would make the foundation powery and it wouldnt look right. u have to look good for the guys!
definately concealor first on things like pimples, and underneath your eyes, then you apply foundation all over your face, then eyes, then lips
Well, I've read different answers.

I can just give you my view of this.

First put on the concealer, you use this to hide or conceal tough spots on your face, like; redness, dark circles beneath your eyes, ... . It doesn't go on your entire face. Just those areas that you need it in.

Then apply the foundation. Either liquid or pressed powder. Don't use both, as they do the same thing, give you an overal colour and finish. Use what you feel comfortable with.

After that, put on the rest of the make up, eyes, blush, lips and loose powder to finish off your make up. And the very last thing you do, is put on your mascara.

Have a play around, never get your make up right on one try, and dispite what people say, we do practise putting on make up. Practise makes perfect.

Good luck.
if you are trying to cover imperfections, do concealer first. if you are hiding redness, do foundation first and then if it isnt blending together, add some lotion on top. be sure you let the liquids dry first befroe the powder!
Concealer goes on before the foundation. And eye make-up always comes last.
i went to professional makeup training, and it's conclealer first.
concealer goes first
def concealer first
Ummmm ... duhhhh lets think ..................

liquid foundation !!

... whats the point of point of concealer if you are going over it ?
I use concealer first then my foundation!
You should use concealer first to cover any redness or uneven skin tone (like undereyes). Then put liquid foundation. After foundation, apply spot concealer to any blemishes etc to cover up spots. The reason you put this on after, is because applying the foundation can remove the concealer. Putting it on spots after foundation provides better coverage.
Foundation should go on first, new development in makeup artistry. When concealer goes on first it's often rubbed off or looks cakey.
I always use the concealer first! it makes your face look more smooth
Do you really need concealer AND foundation?

Usually a little dab of concealer if you have any dark spots and go very light on the foundation will do the trick.

If you have nice skin, which I assume that you do, you probably do not need all that makeup.
the liquid foundation always goes on before the concealer, especially if you're using a liquid foundation, it definitely goes on smoother and your skin appears clearer
Concealer first, then foundation. Otherwise, you end up with an uneven tone.
i think liquid foundation comes first

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