Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup help!!!?

ok well i love wearing alot of eye make-up i have like this emo look so i wear TON of eyeliner and dark eyshadow. but whever i wear it my eyeliner just like smears all the way down my eyes.... and for my eyeshadow it just like.. smears off and goes all over my eye, it fades away but then i like and these lines on my eyelids where all the eyeshadow goes... if that makes sense..... please! what do i do to keep my eye make-up looking good and nmot like i have a big ole black eye all the time!!Eye makeup help!!!?
You can look them up but the best thing to do would be to use a makeup setting spray. It holds your makeup in place and it keeps it from smearing especially on the eyes.

Just make sure you get a good one because there are a lot of scams.

Here: you can always trust Sephora!鈥?/a>

EDIT: No matter what eyeliner you use, it is going to smear sometimes. So I don't think that the kind of eyeliner means as much. But this stuff really does work very well. And spray just once on each eye (when your eye is closed, of course).

Hope I helped. :)Eye makeup help!!!?
I would use Estee Lauder eyeliner in black. I'm not emo, but its a great eyeliner and I were it everyday! It lasts all day I never re-touch. And for Eye shadow I would go with MAC. Also, Its a good brand. Hope this helps,


Try a different brand. What brand are you using? Maybe try using a light day moisturizer before applying makeup.
and eyeshadow primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion or MAC paint.

a good eyeliner would help too.
Ur wearing the wrong eyeliner, buy a mac pencil
lots of eyemakeup tips are in

Use waterproof eyeliner - don't get it wet and prevent touching your eyes...

Put a little bit of face powder right under your eyes. For some reason, that keeps it from ever smearing.

or try Mac liquid eyeliner instead of the cheaper sort you use right now

...seriously if u dont have a make-up remover then ur stuck with this stuff on ur eyes for a few days thats how smudge proof it is.

The best way to prevent eyeliner from smudging or melting away is to use a lid primer (kind of like a moisturizer) that helps keep your lid from getting oily. This also gives a good base to apply eye shadow as well so it will not crease. Mary Kay has a great primer!

After you line your eye, use a small angled brush to pat on an eye powder the same color as your liner. This helps set the liner and can soften you look as well.

don't touch ur eyes


Revlon's colorstay is a good one, as well as Lancome's waterproof eyeliner. Also, coat the eye liner in a shade of eyeshadow that matches what you're wearing after applying it. This will also help. You can also try Benefit's She-Laq which is a waterproof makeup sealer.

xxx Good luck xx

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