Thursday, December 3, 2009

I need help for makeup for school and church?

like im going to church tomorrow and i need some help with like techniques cuz i only have pink lip gloss and black eyeliner and lengthinin mascara. And i also need some techniques for the first day of sk00l and i don't want my friends to recognize me. so yeah help is appreciatedI need help for makeup for school and church?
Makeover is the most demanding thing in the fashion and beauty scene nowadays. Makeover is changing one's look completely and making a person look and feel completely different. But one thing you should remember before going for a makeover that it should not be drastic and totally adverse to your personality. It should be in such a way that you can handle it.

A simple college going girl who always prefers to wear Indian traditional outfits and keeps her hair tight can do a makeover by starting to make some changes in her outfits and hairstyle. She can change her hairstyle and start doing light make up can come out as a totally different personality in appearance.

People do get bored with just one kind of look and then they like to do experiment. It's more with people who stay outside home most of the time and interact with different people everyday. So to refresh oneself, one can keep changing one's looks. The easiest and most reasonable way to change one's looks or a makeover is coloring your hair. You can choose any good color suitable to your skin tone and that can make you look a lot different.

Girls who always wear salwar kameez can start with short kurtas and jeans with kurtees. But one should keep one thigh in mind that any drastic change is not easily acceptable by others. It can change your entire image in other's mind. As if a girl who usually wears covered clothes if suddenly starts wearing mini skirts and off shoulder will not be accepted by others easily and it seems awkward too.

So if one wants to change the appearance completely one can start slowly. That girl if starts wearing short skirts with sleeveless tops will not pinch in others eyes. So the thing is this that the change or makeover should not be drastic.

On and off one can keep changing the hairstyles. That's the easiest and one of the most reasonable way for a makeover especially for a man who doesn't have much options to play with when it comes to looks.

If someone wears spectacles, he can opt for a different frame or can start wearing contact lenses.

Occasionally people can even wear cosmetic lenses available in different shades, which can gel with the skin tone and hair color. Women can change the way they put make up and men can shave in different ways and can keep different beards as French beard gives a totally different appearance to a man who either doesn't keep beard or keep it fully.

Guys who don't use many accessories can start wearing them in forms of bandanas, chains and caps. Women can include scarves and stoles in their outfits. So that way there is numerous options. But one thing which should be kept in mind while going for a makeover is that to what extent one wants to change one self's image. The grooming, which is done through a makeover, is all about looking your best from the outside appearance and feeling great from inside. A simple looking girl can look extra glamorous with a makeover but she should be careful with the image change she gets with her outer experience. One should even know to handle the attention one gets with the makeover and should know to carry the outfits, make up and hairstyle, which gets changed with the makeover.

These days' professional experts are there to help and guide one for the best-suited makeover. They personally interact with the person in many sessions, come to know that person's real personality and then help him or her for the right makeover for them. Along with the outer appearance they even change the person's entire personality to cope up with the image change one gets with the makeover.

As walking in a sari is different and walking in a tight mini skirt is different. A woman who is not used to of wearing any other outfit than sari might not walk properly in a skirt so image consultant or makeover experts train them to change with the changes they do in their outfits, make up and hair styles. Makeover experts even keep in mind the family and professional background of the person which helps them to understand that till which extent one can accept and carry a change in one's looks and image and what that person wants out of his or her own personality.

It changes a person's talking manner, walking, relationship with others, and behavior with others in public and personally, the attitude and the entire look. So makeover is not just changing a person's physical appearance but it's about changing one's entire personality.

If one keep all these things in mind before going for a change or so called makeover, one can protect oneself from any embarrassment later and can get applause from everybody for the changes he or she gets in their personalityI need help for makeup for school and church?
For something like going to church, stay away from dramatic looks. Stick with some pink gloss and one coat of mascara to look awake and sweet, not overdone. If you put more than that on, I can guarantee the little old ladies will be disapproving :)

For school, use the eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes, especially under your lashes. It takes a lot of practice to get it just right without poking yourself in the eye a hundred times. Use mascara and light gloss, and use a little bronzer to enhance/achieve a summer glow. Hope this helped!

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