Friday, December 11, 2009

I need makeup help!!!?

I am 41 years old. I have combination skin and some fine lines and wrinkles. I also have mild rosacea, which can leave my skin blood red in spots. I need something that covers exceptionally well, will last until I take it off and needs no touch-ups during the day. I also need one that will not settle into the fine lines/wrinkles, thus making them more noticeable. Can anyone make a suggestion? I have tried MAC, Clinique, Bare Minerals. Cheap stuff, expensive stuff, you name it, and none of them gives me everything I need. I don't care what the cost...I just need help!I need makeup help!!!?
the first step in your dailty routine should be moisture!

---- ask your dermatologist what would be best 4 u

the trip to make it last all day is to use a primer

----try smashbox primer in green to reduce redness


----or the one that fills fine lines


foundation- i'd recommend a liquid for you

-----Make up forever HD foundation (it's pretty sheer tho)


-----Estee Lauder has good coverage

-----Shisedido (full coverage, lifting)


setting powder

-----Make up forever HD setting powder (AMAZING)


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