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Hair/Makeup Help!!!! Desparate!!!!?

I have to look like a ';girly-girl'; for a school movie. I have a costume (mostly) but have NO IDEA what to do for hair/makeup. I have long blonde wavy hair, which is more on the big frizzy side than curly hair. How should I style it? And I never wear makeup (I'm sort of tomboy-ish) so I have no idea what to do!!! Please help, and be as specific as possible. Also pictures/references to movie characters would help a lot! I'll take any ideas at all! Thanks!!! :) (Also I need it pretty soon)Hair/Makeup Help!!!! Desparate!!!!?

Since you mentioned that your hair is on the frizzy side ill start with that because that will be your biggest problem.

If you have to look like a girly-girl i would suggest 2 options:

Straight: Get your hair blow dried and ironed at a professional salon and tell them to slightly curl the edges. Since your hair is blonde it will look very nice straight. You can also part it in the middle n tie 2 low ponytails with ribbons.

Scrunch or Curl: Depending on hoe curly your hair really is, try to either scrunch it or curl it. Again a professional salon should be able to do this for you. I would suggest big loose curls just at the ends of your hair. A curling iron is more efficient than rollers but if you go for very big curls then rollers are a better idea. If you scrunch your hair make sure you use tons of scrunching jelly. Curling is better than scrunching for the school girl look.

Now the make-up

This is what you do for each part of your face.

Eyes: Use a shimmery pink or silver eye shadow depending on your skin tone. Use a soft kajal n soft creamy eye liner since liquid will look too harsh.

Cheeks: Again use a very soft peach or pink blush on. Dont over do it just a hint of blush on will be enough. Use peach is your on the browner side and use pink if your on the fairer side.

Lips: I would completely avoid lipstick. Its a bit too loud if you want a soft natural look. Try a shimmery lip gloss. Something like the Maybelline Shine Lip colour is nice. It gives you the colour of gloss and the staying power of lipstick.

Body: This is a trick i use when i go out clubbing. Take some moisturizer (liquid is preferable) and then mix with some silver or gold powder. The powder can be eye shadow, body glitter anything at all. Mix the powder n moisturizer and apply the mix all over your body for a pretty shimmery glow.

Hope this helps :)

Goodluck with your playHair/Makeup Help!!!! Desparate!!!!?
i'm sure you have friends who knows make-ups. went over to them and ask them to do up your make ups for you. if u want really professional ones, you can go over to some shops that helps in make up. you have to pay them,though. for hair, go can go over to beauty salons and ask for any hairstyles that will suit you from the hairdresser. they are considered professionals. hope this helps. :)
for hairstyle:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

for makeup: Try some tips from
ok first step straighten your hair

then put a shine spray in it .

and for make-up 1st use fondation and then conciler

then use a little pink blush next use a very little eyeliner then use a peach or almost white eyeshadow and put some under ur eyebrows. also use some mascara like 4 or 5 coates (i know sounds like alot but reaaly isnt) and last but no least use a burts bees chapstick they sell em at wal-mart, cvs, or anyother drugstore.

hope i helped

Awww, I can related b/c I was very tomboyish for a really long time. Do you own a flat iron? I know if you do it may sound stupid but you askef for specifics!....also I use bare minerals make up...its natural but gives you that flawless's a good medium for a girl that never really wears make up to wearing make up. I love it! I dont put my make up on with my fingers because that can cause break outs...use a bronzer that will make your face light up! (around your check bones) Use natural colors...if it looks like you arent really wearing make up it probably means you put just enough and it looks incredable!

Good luck = )
I Think You should straighten you hair But have a bit of a wave in your bangs (if you have them) kinda like this (Jessica Simpson Pic Nearest the bottom) and put a really cute pink Clip in it.

For the make-up I suggest wearing quite alot of pink eyeshadow with A rosey colour for your cheeks and a super bright pink lipgloss.

Im suggesting Pink bcoz' most people associate pink with girly-girls.

Hope this helped x
go to the hairdressers ask for a starighter (not permant) hair,

go into boots/superdrug and buy loads of pink makeup or go to a beuty parlour they will do it for you
Try straightening your hair,

Whatever you do, make sure its perfect.

thats mainly what girly girls are about.

So try straightening hair and adding a pink headband or something.

Then do foundation, cover-up any blemishes,

pink eyeshadow maybe, but not silly, mascara and lipgloss.

its just a school play so dont stress - and good luck !

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