Thursday, December 3, 2009 help?!?

Okay for my 8th grade grad dance which is in June. I have no idea how to do my makeup. Here is the dress:鈥?/a>

Except mine is in Emerald Green and since I am short, it goes down to my knees.

I have bright blue eyes and medium blonde hair.

So how should I do the makeup? I am doing it myself so I need steps on how to do it.

Thanks %26lt; help?!?
Okay, so you have an emerald green dress (loved the style by the way) and blonde hair blue eyes...sounds like you should go with a glamor look. Dances are always a glamor thing. So, you need to take and use a gold to brown eye shadow and brush lightly to the edge of your eye. Then take light brown or use black lightly to do your eyeliner. Line ONLY your bottom lid. Then take and use mascura and put it on your top and bottom lashes. Then use a light brown lipstick for your major touch and top it with lip gloss and you'll be the talk of the evening!

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