Thursday, December 3, 2009

Styling & Makeup help please?!?

Hey. Im going to a big party on Wednesday. I'm wearing peach, no other colors are on the dress. And I'm straightening my hair, which is black. i have tan skin, like Rihanna's. I needed some advice on my nails, shoes, and makeup. I was thinking that maybe i could get my nails done a dark navy blue kind of color. and do my makeup like this:鈥?/a>

my nails would match the color of the eyeliner..but idk what heel color to wear with that.

then i could also do my nails the same color as my dress, and wear black shoes and black eyeliner, but thats kinda plain..unless you guys have a different idea for it

last idea i had was doing my nails a chocolate brown, like a dark brown. but i dont know what makeup or shoes to do with that

if you guys have any other completely different suggestions, id really really appreciate it! and if you could, id really appreciate pictures.

thank you soo soo much guys id really appreciate it!.Styling %26amp; Makeup help please?!?
Let's see here. If your dress is a peach color I would say stick with a brown shoe. Personally I think some sort of jeweled dress shoe would look really pretty and would bump up the overall outfit in the ';Dressy'; factor. Plus if you did that, you have a wider range of colors for your nails and such. Also you could wear diamond-like earrings that would match the shoes without it looking like you were ';trying too hard';

But as far as your nails go I would stick with a medium brown. Neutral is always best. I think that if you went with something kind of out there it wouldn't look good up against the dress, especially if it's kind of a nice party your going to. Stick with the dark brown though, that's you're best bet.

I like the makeup style that you chose. Very pretty. It would look really cool to do a brown ';Smokey eye'; and even add a little bit of a peach color blended in. It would look pretty on your tan skin to have a natural peach eye shadow that has a little bit of shimmer in it. It would make your eyes pop, and stand out without overkilling it.

Hope that helps you out some!

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