Saturday, December 5, 2009

MAC makeup help!?

All I use is MAC and it was just my birthday and I got alot of money. My foundation doesn't match anymore so I'm getting some more from MAC! So I'm wondering..

Which kind do you prefer? The powder, creme, or the liquid?

When I go to the MAC store, they ask me if I want it to match my skintone, get one shade lighter or darker. Which do you usually do? I dont know lol.

Which kind of concealer do you think works best for you? Mainly I'm using it for hiding circles under eyes and the pimples.

%26amp; What is your FAVORITE thing from mac?

THANKYOU!MAC makeup help!?
whatever you do, MATCH your skin tone. Otherwise, you just look fake and weird.

i like the liquid foundation from mac. but i don't use that anymore, i use Philosophy mineral foundation stuff. its infinately better for your skin than mac and is the same or better quality.

for concealor, make sure its a little lighter than w/e your foundation is. and it depends on what type of foundation you use. use a powder concealor if you are using a powder foundation, use a creme for liquid or creme foundation.

my favorite thing from mac is their eyeshadow and their lipgloss. I LOVE The lipgloss color viva glam V. their eyeshadows, as someone mentioned earlier, come in TONS of great colors, last a long time, go on well, and are just overall great!

I wouldn't use a primer, but I would definately invest in a good powder. I LOVE mineral veil from BareMinerals because it is super lightweight, it is very sheer (it never makes you look powedery or caked on), and it makes your makeup last FOREVER. I went to a school dance and it was SUPER hot and when i got home my makeup still looked good.

Hope this helps! have fun!MAC makeup help!?
all my makeup is MAC too. i use liquid and powder for better coverage.

Primer is to make ur makeup last longer. i only use it on certain occasion. hmm... i think i like all MAC products. my favourite is blusher
go with the powder because it won't clog your pores like the creme or liquid.
Personally I'm not a big fan of Mac, just not my thing

But I'm confused why they would ask if you want a shade lighter or darker...never,you should always match your natural skin tone. If you need more colour do so with bronzer

As for primer I do use it as I have oily skin. It seals the pores and helps your make up last longer. But if you dont need it dont use it, it's just one more thing to clog your pores
first off, im a MACaholic %26amp; im only 16 lmao! for foundation, i use the studio fix (in white!). it is like the powder %26amp; liquid together but it goes on as a sheer powder %26amp; it is simply amazing. its never cakey or gross either! if you don't get it, you rly neeeeed to!

i would suggest for right now you get a color matching your skintone. bronzers %26amp; blushes should obviously be differnt from your skinttone %26amp; that's what they are for. I don't use foundation primer but i know its like to set your foundation %26amp; keep it in place for the rest of the day. I know there's mac Prep %26amp; Prime. But what I hear is rly good is the Smashbox Photo Finish face primer which you can buy @ sephora!

i don't use MAC concealer, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I use estee lauder (i get it for free my grandma works for them haha) %26amp; it works great. i heard the clinique line smoothing concealer works rly good tho, i need to go get that.

last but not least, what's MY FAVORITE thing from mac? that is so darn difficult. I reallllly love the teal pigment it is absolutely amazing. For eyeshadows, i love woodwinked! its like a bronzy gold color with a hint of sorta red? i also love the fluidline in blacktrack. Its like a gel eyeliner that goes on %26amp; actually STAYS ON! oh ya! %26amp;%26amp;%26amp; also, from the new antiquitease collection the Mi' Lady mineralized eyeshadow is amazinnnng! if you don;t have it i feel bad for you because its so amazing! well, hope that helps :]
like danny a said i am not a big fan of MAC i get all my makeup from Sephora..I.E. Dior, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, Stila. i just like sephora better becuase it has more of a selection and there are so many different brands. have you ever tried anything besides MAC? a little change might be nice. try something eles and you might be surprised and if you dont like it..just go back to using what you used before!
i thought all MAC stuff was oil-based? If you have oily skin (teens/early20s), thats not really something you want. But i'm not POSITIVE its oil-based, but thats definitely a question you should ask. The best product of MAC makeup is their eyeshadows. Their colors are spectacular and they go on the same shade as they are in the compact thing, so they're nice and bright. I also like their lipgloss ';Cultured'; (light pink), but its thick, so some people don't like that.

P.S. Their waterproof eyeliner is cool and comes in nice colors($15), but if you want a black one, you can get pretty much the same quality of waterproof black from that brand NYC Colors.
i prefer the powder

cause its loose and it might not look to cakey

get the lighter ckin tone for it

use clinique concealer below there

my favorite is eye paints and pigments :)
I prefer powder, its light and it works. You should get a powder that matches your skin tone, other wise it would look a little weird if your face was lighter or darker than the rest of you. If the concealer works for you keep using it, because then you know for cirtain. As for the primer its good for all day and night makeup, Urban Decay's works really well. I think you should try more makeup brands, for a change. You never know what you will find.

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