Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flawless makeup?..... help?...?

ok so i am trying to get my face to look flawless, when i put my makeup on.

I dont raelly have the budget for like MAC and stuff like that. right now i am using Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation and then over top of that a Smashbox concealer ( my mother bought that one for me, i dont have enough money ahaha) and the over top of that NYC pressed powder foundation.

But im still not happy with how my skin looks.

Is that a good combination I should keep doing, or do you reccomend any other products?

and they way i mean flawless is like FLAWLESS,

example makeup?..... help?...?
well its hard to get flawless skin without good quality make-up, so you may just have to wait until you can afford it.

Until then, use photoshop like they did in the picsFlawless makeup?..... help?...?
You could try using the concealer first and then put the Mineral foundation over that, instead of the other way around. Are you using a good sponge to blend it?

Also you could try some sort of foundation primer, Smashbox has a good one. You can go to Sephora and they'll give you a little sample jar so you can try it before you spend any money.

One last suggestion is to dust a loose powder over your whole face after the concealer and mineral foundation, instead of the powder foundations.
Um photoshop! lol
That sounds WAY too heavy to be ';flawless.'; It seems like it might look a little cakey. To have that ';airbrushed'; look spray foundation stippled onto your skin would probably work best. Sally Hansen makes one. Just be careful it tends to be darker than the label says. Also make sure you're exfoliating your face every night. Makeup looks better when your skin is healthy.

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