Thursday, December 3, 2009

Marykay makeup help!?

so first i will say that i use the mary kay velocity face stuff. i am thinking about getting the oil control lotion 3. so if i get do i put on the velocity on first then the lotion. or is it the other way around? another one is that my face looks shinny.if it is shinny, does it mean that i do have oily skin? once during school one of my friends said that i looked like i was sweating!! so anyway-my face doesn't feel oily but it is shinney. so i think you get the point now. and also that i am 13 if that helps at all.

thanks!!! =]Marykay makeup help!?
Are you using the velocity cleanser and moisturizer? or just the cleanser you don't need two moisturizers. Talk to your consultant she will be happy to help you find what is best for you skin maybe you want to try the oil mattifier that controls oil and shine for 8 hours. or a mineral powder she will let you try them and help you decide

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