Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bridal makeup? Help Please!?

I am getting married in February, and trying to decide how to do my makeup. I know to do what looks best on me, what matches my skin tone, and nothing that looks totally different than normal. I usually wear full makeup, and purples to bring out my brown eyes, but I am trying to find some good, closeup pictures of brides to help me see different looks and colors as Im not really sure of what I want. Can anyone help me find good websites for this or send me a link to their own pictures? I would really appreciate it, thanks!

Thanks for all the advice, Ive actually worked at a few salons and know a lot about makeup and am really comfortable donig it myself, but I would like some picturess to look at to help me decide what I want. I know I can go to a makeup counter, but Im just not very good at communicating what I want so I would like to see some pictures, and I cant seem to find any good websites for this...Bridal makeup? Help Please!?
Hi, Here are a few websites that may help!鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

If you still can't find one you like, Just go for what you think suits you and makes you glow! In the end it is your choice, so go for it girl! A light purple would look nice with a pink/red blush on the cheekbone to make your face look slimmer and even nicer. Some pink/red lipstick would also look great. You should also have an eye color base as it makes the color look nicer . Napoleon Perdis is a good brand for make up.

Good luck.

Hope this has helped!Bridal makeup? Help Please!?
Leave all to the professional.They will do the best for you,making sure you are the prettiest on that day.
Use Almay's eyeshadow trio for brown eyes. (*It compliments them and i love it!*) And if you wanna, buy the eyeliner too!(it tells you which color is for which) But i dont recommend buying the mascara that adds to the collection. It is sucky. Use the mascara w/ the green lid and pink body, if you dont have a mascara u can rely on..

And it shows you how to apply the shadow(since there's three shades for each eye color) right on the box.

Good luck and i hope everything goes well!!*


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