Thursday, December 3, 2009

MAC Makeup ??? help....anyone?

ok so im going to an outlet tommorow %26amp; im wondering what colors of eyeshadow %26amp; lipglass would look good on me

I have dark blonde hair w/ highlights

dark eyebrows

emerald green eyes

rounds face

full lips

small but not slender nose

%26amp; im wondering about the foundation...I have acne but I just had a chem peel %26amp; i use prescription stuff on it so my face is sensitive %26amp; dry... do you think the foundation is ok for me to use? would it cover acne scars??

thank you!!! plzzz helpMAC Makeup ??? help....anyone?
You need to go to the MAC counter and ask what will look good. A written description really doesn't help anything.

As far as MAC foundation, just got my first bottle of it like a week ago, and it is fantastic. Of course I was matched for it by the professionals at the counter.

It goes on so smooth, does not look cakey, and stays on the whole day. It's liquid, btw.

I am recovering from acne so I don't exactly have pimples. but i do have acne scarring, and the foundation I got from MAC goes over it and practically erases it.

Of course if you have severe acne I would suggest you go for products made for sensitive skin/acne, or just focus on correcting it before slathering on the make up.

But anyway. Have fun. And get ready to spend a lot because MAC is the best.

:)MAC Makeup ??? help....anyone?
to bring out green eyes, use plum and purple eye shadow and some brown. Blue or gray shadow would enhance your blonde hair. DO NOT use green shadow, liner, etc.

Get a non-comedogenic foundation so it won't clog your pores, it should also be oil-free because of your acne-prone skin. A heavier foundation (such as a liquid one) will cover acne scars, certain lighter ones (such as powders) may not.

If you're in doubt about anything, ask the Mac consultants, that's what they're paid to do. They could probably even give you a make-over so you can test the make-up before you buy it!
Everytime I get MAC make up, they usually help me get the right colors. You will probably need eyeshadows for day and for night (if you go out)... let them test them on you... they know what they're doing!

In my opinion, I think that with your eye color (sound gorgeous, btw!), purple, apricot, brown and plum will look awesome on you. Lipgloss, I'd stay in the natural colors...

About foundation, one of my friends use prescription stuff for her face, and the only brand she uses is MAC. Let them know your face is dry, cause there are diff. foundation for each kind of skin. Mine is dry too, I use STUDIO TECH foundation.

Hope this helps!!!! have fun 2morrow!
Gold, plum, black, and a very light brown may look good.

It also depends on your skin type.

For eye makeup, try some liquid eyeliner on your top lid. When applied correctly it looks amazing!

and their foundation is amaze, but if you have acne i wouldn't recommend liquid foundation since it will clog pores.

Good luck.

Ask for help when your there, the lady's will love to help you.

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