Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye Makeup Help?

Okay, so I love makeup and use a fair amount for my age. But I have a problem. I'm happy with everything except my eyes. I always wear light mascara, and maybe a little sparkle-gray or light gold eyeshadow. And I've always wanted smokey-eye look, but my mom won't let me, as she doesn't like black eyeliner. And I just got my hair cut into an edgier style. It's short and dark red and sideswept bangs, so I think I need to attract more attention with my makeup to my eyes. Can anyone give me any ideas on good eye tricks, involving mascara or eyeshadow or colored eyeliner? Or maybe just something neat? (: Thanks!Eye Makeup Help?
try to go to a darker mascara-dark brown or black. dust your under-brow with the light gold shadow and use it on the lid. use a smoky grey shadow in the crease and on the outside half of your lid. blend with a brush. now, you have a smokey look with out black eyeliner.Eye Makeup Help?
areyou like 12 yrs old? ur mom doesnt like black eyeliner? psh so what, if u wanna be so damn edgy, why do you listen to your mom about YOUR face%26amp; what YOU do with it. For a smokey look, if you cant use black eyeliner, try a grey eyeliner. Color your lid with the grey eyeliner and smudge it. Then top it with some eyeshadow and smoke it out. Add highlight and your finished.
try a blue glitter liquid eyeliner on ur top lid! that sounds like it would b rly pretty w ur hair
well make ur eyeliner thick. expand it out from your eye in a line towards your ears. not to long. just enough to give triangular or ';sharp'; eyes.

if your skin is light i would recommend creamy eyeshadow. something shimmery. then a little bit of brown rubbed through it to give the eyeshadow a darker shade.

ur creamy colored eyeshadow should go up to ur eyebrows. u don't want the brown to be to dark. ur could even rub some gray smokey color in it. nothing to noticable so you can get away with it infront of your mother.

it okay if eye makeup is noticable but a neon eyeshadow sometimes isn't too pretty. you want a color that you can wear everyday. =]

you can add a hint of light pink to the color if you have to.

you dont want to use the same color as ur hair. it will take away from the hair style.

best of luck
use different colours for a shadowy eye instead of black since ur hair is redish do abourn colour
Use jade greens and browns for your eyes...and use brown eyeliner...maybe a lot of it? This may bring out your eyes.
Ok - so if you are allowed then you can do loads with different colour eyeliner. Urban decay in the colour called Electric. its like bright blue. put it on top/below and it will look ammazzing! That will immediatley attract attention. You need nothing else. But these sell loads of other great products. Go here -
If you get a small brush, you can use eye shadow to create the same 'smoky-eye' effect, by smudging the eye shadow into your eyelash line, both top and bottom.

Since you have lighter features, I would use either brown or grey to get this effect. It'll be stunning! :)
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you would want to buy some black eye liner, then sneak it out of the house and put it on outside or something so that your mom dosent see it. or you can get grey, purple, or any other semi dark color and use that. do the top, inner eye lid, and bottom lashes. then get some form of eye shawdow and fill in the creases:)

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