Saturday, December 5, 2009

Skin and makeup help?

Well, I've had acne for awhile, but thankfully it's starting to go away. I still have some scars left from picking at the pimples and whatnot and they're finally starting to fade a bit. Well the problem is my cheeks and under my eye a bit, it's really pink. And some of my pores are a little large. I'm currently using toner is this good or not? What's the toner going to do?

And my second question is, last month I used an Almay Liquid Foundation for oily skin and it actually made my skin look flawless! It covered up scars and everything. But It made my forehead look greasy. So I applied powder foundation and it just made me look cakey/flakey. What can I use?Skin and makeup help?
Maybe the toner you're using is too strong for your skin. Try to go with something milder. A toner is used after your cleanser, it helps to get your pores really clean and to control oil and surface shine. Please do not use a toner under your eyes, the skin around your eyes is very delicate.

The oils in your forehad made you look greasy, not the foundation. You should use translucent powder either in loose form or compact to control shine after you apply your foundation.Skin and makeup help?
Try mineral make-up - you will love it!!!!

Mineral make-up will actually help with your acne and it will also help you control oily skin. It's made such a difference on my skin - I'm a huge mineral make-up fan, I would never go back to traditional make-up.

Traditional make-up is filled with chemicals and fragrances that clog up your skin and can actually be causing your acne.

I would constantly break-out but I haven't broke out once since swithching to minerals. My skin looks great - my pores are smaller, I don't get the shiny t-zone and it just looks healtheir. It's actually the first time I can go out without wearing make-up. And the coverage is fantastic - it covers all my acne scars but it doesn't look like I'm wearing that much make-up. It looks very natural.

I would give it a try - I promise you wont be disappointed.

There are several brands out there, I would try Raw Minerals by Raw Natural Beauty (there the only ones that have skincare benefits).

You can find them at

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