Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prom makeup help!!!???


im going to my boyfriend's junior prom next weekend, and i gotta say im not the best with makeup/that kind of thing. im capable of putting it on, but choosing what goes on my face and where isn't my forte.

the dress is long, a very light green with blue areas, kinda reminds me of a cloud. its a form-fitting dress, and im probably going to do curly hair, so i kinda don't want to go overboard on the makeup.

something simple and elegant, that doesnt look painted on?

thanks so much!!Prom makeup help!!!???
Do some foundation to even out skin tone or cover blemishes. A nice grey (light or charcoal) eyeliner, blue-green eyeshadow with white under the brow bone to highlight. Curl your lashes and do mascara. Then do a neutral lip color with a high gloss lip gloss over.Prom makeup help!!!???
k. i can so help you on this..... k nails light blue or green. eyeshadow light green would look cute.. the eyeliner do a light blue...... then blush....... light sky blue lip stick with a sprankly lip gloss and there you go. also if you want you can put a light blue ribbion in your hair it would look really really cute
I would say put on loose powder for you face, a little bit of blush (depends what colour of skin you have! but not alot) and maybe a little bit of liquid eyeliner, with some sort of neutral glittery eyeshadow (try MAC Pigment eyeshawdow!) and some mascara :) And lipgloss of course! It sounds like alot, but it looks really good! Good luck
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