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My teenage daughter + Makeup = Help?!?

So, recently my 14 year old teenage daughter started wearing makeup since she's entered Middle School. I can't tell you the name's of the makeup, but it's eye pencil with some lip gloss, and some other teenage goop. In the picture below, I wanted to have it in order from age (oldest to youngest) And I noticed she hoped in the front of the picture and wanted to be first! Despite being the middle child and should have in the middle. She's the one with the glasses on. I think her body language is showing me she's rebelling, and wanting to be the older sister and in charge here. Is this a sign of rebelling, wanting to act older, yes or no? Should I be worried?…My teenage daughter + Makeup = Help?!?
You just posted pictures of your kid for thousands to see..... I'm more worried about you nowMy teenage daughter + Makeup = Help?!?
I think your daughter looks perfectly fine. Teenagers will have attitude, and there's nothing much you can do about it but just let them be and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. I myself being a teenager, know what it's like. The more your parent restricts you from something, the more they will want to do it. Have an open relationship with her, it's better to accept the things she does than to have her sneak around behind your back. It's a whole new generation, and things might not be the same from when you were a teenager.
I started wearing make-up when I was 12-13 and I'm a perfectly adjusted adult :). But I wore it as more of a way to fit in with my peers than to rebel against my parents. There are bigger things to worry about than makeup on a teenager. As the middle child, she is no doubt looking for more attention and trying to redefine her role or image of self-worth. Self esteem may be an issue, it certainly was for me at that age and I wasn't even a middle child.
She looks normal to me! Her younger sister looks like she has more ';attitude'; than she does! LOL It is not uncommon for the middle child to not want to have ANYTHING to do with the ';middle child'; label. Maybe that's why she forced her way to the head of the line.

The only ABNORMAL thing about her is how normal she does look. Most girls now are wearing make-up by 5th grade!!! It's crazy!
no, you shouldn't be worried. she is probably just your outgoing child compared to the rest. she just wants to be the center of attention. there is nothing to worry about until she gives you a good reason to be worried. like bringing home an older boy with tatoos. then you should have a talk with her.

just lighten up and give her a little space to find her place and originality.
No Offence but I don't see the big deal in Your Daughter wearing makeup. And I think, judging by the picture that she isn't trying to be the elder sister or rebelling. And your lucky to have a 14 yr old that doesn't wear 2 much makeup 'cause alot of 14 yr olds wear much more makeup that shes wearing! Good Luck!
she looks a little rebellious the way she is doing her mouth.. but whats the big deal about having to be in the middle. looking at those kinds of pictures i wouldnt think any of them were in the actual order they were born. make-up isn't such a bad thing if she doesnt over-do it. i think you're over-reacting a bit and i agree with the first answerer, you shouldnt have posted pictures of them on here.
Being the middle child can be hard.

The youngest needs the most babying,

and the oldest is your first born, first to do everything.

And don't sweat the makeup.

It's peeerfectly normal.


Edit: And also, a boy from my school wears mulit coloured tight jeans, with a Hannah Montanna shirt. A BOY.

This sounds a little ridiculous if you ask me

So she wanted to be the main focus of the picture? How is that rebelling? IF ANYTHING she wants more attention from you. But you are looking way to much into it

Secondly, what 14 year old girl doesnt want to start playing around with make-up?
I don't think you should be worried. In middle school I tried many different things to get attention, it's normal. As for the makeup, I think that is fine. Most girls start wearing a little bit of makeup (eyeliner, powder, lip gloss) when they enter middle school.
I think she just wants to act older, I think you should be worried to a point to be aware of the people she hangs out with. But besides that, if something happens in her social life, she can learn from her fortunes or misfortunes.
Try being more of a parent and understand her intentions. She is wearing make up so she can look nice and get attention from people who care about her. Try caring about her, and not being such a tightass and maybe you will have less problems with her.
you got to let her grow up some time but just make sure she doesnt where to much makeup and let her wear some if you loosen up on her she wont rebel as much when she gets older but im also not saying give her freedom just loosen the leash a bit
alot of teenagers are wearing makeup...... and ya, i dont think the picture was necessary... you have now showed a picture of you family for the world to see. you should take it off
Her hormones are definitely kicking in although usually it happens around 7th grade. Get ready for the worst. Besides she has to learn how to apply makeup sometime.
huh? what? calm down. Shes the typical teenage should expect this from at least one of your happens when they get in trouble or put on makeup ..its in their hormones lol

Lol my dad HATES when I wear make-up. Your daughter is only wearing make-up to look pretty for herself and others. I don't think you should be worried at all.
trying to look hot and being rebellious arent always they same thing. dont be the lame kind of mom. 14 isnt even young to start wearing make up rofl
i think it's ok to a center point,if she starts to dress sexy and show more skin and things like that then be worried
no u shouldnt be worried. im a teenager, i wear eyeliner, and mascara and stuff and im like an angel. haha
Shes just confident with the make up on. Let her be free.
i think i know her is she going to 8th grade?
Yeah, she looks like she has a little attitude brewing... but I don't really think it's wise to post pics of your kids online like that... just my opinion..

I checked out the picture and im a seventeen year old teen and In my opinion I really dont think her body language reads that she's rebelling. I know as parents, you guys really look at the details of a teens actions and sometimes reading into them too much can cause unnecessary stress. She seems to be a reserved girl in the picture just looking to have a little fun with the expression on her face..worrying about her body language in this picture is pointless b/c it could be interpreted many ways..maybe she was bored...maybe her stomach was hurting and she just didnt feel good...maybe she just decided spur of the moment to change her facial'll just never really know and honestly its nothing to worry about. :)

As a teen who does silly stupid should just relax and not sweat the small not telling you to back off..b/c maybe your daughter is trying to do different things that u wouldnt expect b/c she's trying to find out who she is and what she's comfortable with.

Just keep an eye on her and if u notice signs of behavior that you dont think is cool...then thats when you sit down with her, have a cool attitude, and ask her wassup, ask her how she's feeling, and let her know that you wont judge her b/c you were once a teen b4 and you understand the want to rebel or try things out.

hope this helps :)

btw...wearing make-up is fine..just make sure she isn't trying to look older and that she doesn't wear to much. Natural beauty is the best beauty :)
Most people are pissing me off about wearing makeup at around 12. What people don't notice is that we are maturing faster than our moms and dads. We watch MTV around the age of 11. Watch PG-13 movies around the age of 11. People are starting to date around the age of 10. I learned about boobs and sex at 7! This isn't the 90's anymore. This is the 21st century and we are maturing faster and faster.

So you know what I say, wear makeup! You should have been wearing makeup since 7th grade. WEAR MAKEUP!

Lost my temper there for a second :)

-This is how I put on makeup and I'm going into 7th grade.

-Put on moisturizer. If you have acne, put a big dot of moisturizer and a big dot of foundation on a circle/square makeup sponge and apply on face.

-Get liquid eyeliner and apply on upper lash line. This is called tight lining (you won't be able to find a youtube video about it). If it gets on your eyelid, then dip a q-tip in Pond's cold cream and put on lid. That's why you put the eyeliner on first, so your other eye makeup won't mess up. This will look like you are wearing eyeliner on the lid, but youre not which is great!

-Get a liquid foundation and put a big dot on each lid and on dark circles.Gently slide across on lid, use a rolling motion on circles, but don't make it go away.

-Get a concealer brush and blend in the rest of the foundation. This will give your eyes a lighter look.

-*OPTIONAL*Get MAC Studio fix powder and apply on lid with eye shadow brush.

-Get black eye kajal and waterline bottom 1/3 or 2/3 in. Waterline the top until your eyelashes stop. The top might be hard to waterline. Make sure you don't poke yourself!

-Get mascara and gently stroke lashes

-Get blush or bronzer. Apply on each cheek 3 times. Add a little on forehead, chin, and nose.

-Finish with light lip gloss!

Take good care of your skin. Don't sleep with makeup. Wash face with Clearasil face wash.
No you shouldn't be worried. I'm 13 and I wear tons of eye liner, eye shadow, cover-up and sometimes lipgloss. Everyone at school wears it, and it makes you look better. Maybe she relized, hmm, Make-up makes you look better. She isn't rebelling, but the little siblings like being first once in a while. Sometimes the older sibs are treated differently because they are oldest, and the parents take their side more maybe..? Just leave her alone.. Plus a lot of adults wear ';goop'; So it isn't ';teenaged'; its ';all-aged';.. Plus your daughter looks a lot prettier w/ the make-up! Hope I was of help! :] %26lt;3
She is about the right age for wanting to wear makeup. Most girls are going to experiment and wear it at some point. anyway. And it seems like they are starting younger. I have 12 yr old cousins who wear so much makeup - more than I ever do or did (and I am 26).

If wearing makeup and jumping in the front line of a picture is the worst that she has done, then consider yourself lucky :)

She is the middle child (like myself) so maybe she just wants some attention. Spend some 'me' time with each of your daughters. And listen and talk to her. Don't judge her for the makeup she wears. That doesn't give any clue of rebelling.

And anyway, most teenagers go through a difficult stage. I was very moody and difficult when I was about 16. I wasn't bad or into drugs or sex or anything. It's just something teens go through.

Any Prom Eye Makeup Help!!!!?

I'm doing my cousins makeup for prom and need some suggestions...

She's fair skinned but has a tan right now (for prom)

Has dark brown eyes

Brown hair

Her Dress Is Yellow.

Of course I want a dramatic Look but I tried doing a smoky eye with grays and darker in the crease but it looked like it would be too overpowering with her dress.

What should I do? Any color suggestions? I want to stay away from yellow eyeshadow cause, well, I'm pretty sure yellow would look hideous on anyone.Any Prom Eye Makeup Help!!!!?
i would try doing black mascara (2 coats on top lashes, one on bottom) with a brown eyeshadow on the outer corner or her eyelids, and a light pink shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of eyesAny Prom Eye Makeup Help!!!!?鈥?/a>

This would look GREAT for prom. Links to what she used is on the right side bar.
Well blue and green colors look GREAT for brown eyes. or like a cool neon pink with some black eyeliner a cool blush and a touch or mascara. maybe jewerly loooks cool to. btw neon and 80s is kinda the style now.

Im new to plz?


ok so im 15 and im goin into the 10th grade

i wanna know what i should start off with because im totally new to makeup..i havnt even ever wore chapstick

wut kind of mascaras shud i use.lipgloss...blush..

and eyeshadow..when i watch other ppl apply it it looks easy but then i try myself and once went to school with it on and this girl said my makeup loookd hideus

so i basically applyed it all wrong..and i dont understand what the crease is and all..

so pleaaseee can u help lol

im clueless about all thisIm new to plz?
Do NOT use blush! It makes young girls look like clowns, literally. It's ridiculous. Women use it because their skin has gotten duller with age, and they are trying to look young.. as in.. just like you!

Don't overdo it with makeup, start really slowly, and learn as you go.

Lip gloss, but not too colorful or sticky. I love clear of very barely tinted ones. Lip stains are nice, too. They're matte, and you can put lip gloss over them.

You can try going to a makeup counter at Sephore and getting a bit of advice, but be careful because they WILL overdo it! Lol.

For eyeshadow, start with very natural colors, don't use dark. Whatever you do, do not do the whole heavy eyeliner thing.

You can see techniques of how to put on eyeshadow in magazines or online. Just do the really natural looks. Practice at home before you actually wear it anywhere.

A good way to start is to wear only one thing at a time.

So if you wear a little eyeshadow, just wear lip balm with no color on your lips.

If you are wearing a lip gloss that is tinted, don't put on eyeshadow.

Mascara is not really necessary, because most girls your age don't need to accentuate their eyelashes, and just end up looking clumpy and gross.Im new to plz?
im goin into 9th and ive been wearin makeup for a year lol.

dont worry about creases and stuff. dont use peoples advice until you understand it lol. just use the eyshadow applicator, and put the eyeshadow on your eyelid. not all over it, just the part that is right above your eye. like the top part above the eye in this pic, and not above where the little line(i think thats the crease lol) is:鈥?/a>

k so for mascara, try maybelling great lash, you can get it at CVS, walmart, walgreens, drugstores. i'd use black. you can use eyeliner if you want too, but not a lot.

for eyeshadow colors, use purples, golds, browns, bronzes, greens, and silvers.

hope i helped!
Your best bet is to stay as close to your natural shade of skin as you kid, just starting off. The less and more natural looks are the best for those just starting out. Go to and do a search for make up tips and how to's and tatourals, their is always some good vids their to help. If you need any more help Im me anytime or email me or myspace me
when I was new to makeup what really helped was youtube! ill show you some of my favorite people to watch, so just look at some of their videos and you will learn alot!鈥?/a>

and here are some younger girls鈥?/a>

all these people are great to watch and you will learn alot!
Natural is the best way to go. Try it has a thing that matches your features to the best makeup for you. it even has tips, looks you can try out, and videos! Hope this helps.
Dear Garmati,

I'm Vanessa (Ashleigh's sister) and I believe that since you are going into the 10th grade, you should try out mascara, eyeshadow, %26amp; eyeliner. What color is your skintone?

~*~ Vanessa ~*~
MAC makeup is really good, and if you go there, they tell you how to use it and where to put it. Also what colors would look good with your skin.
Ok then. In my opinion MAC is a great brand of Make up. They normally have great products.

Ok first off you should wear a foundation that is close to your skin tone. Use it to cover up blemishes. I suggest wearing a powder foundation, because it is better for your skin. Apply it with a wide brush, if you use a make up sponge, than it generally will look to heavily applied.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Wear a Black eyeliner. Do not wear brown eyeliner. Black eyeliner is best for people with brown eyes, and it will normally make your eyes pop!

Wear it on the top lid of your eyes, and put it on lightly on the bottom.

Do not put it on too thick, or else it will look really bad.鈥?/a>

If you want to wear eyeshadow (I do suggest you do so)

Shades of green and gold accentuate the flecks of color in brown eyes.

The crease is at the top of your eyelid.

Maybe buy an olive or medium brown colored eye shadow. Once you get good at putting on eye shadow, you can learn how to put on two different colors.鈥?/a>

Wear a black mascara.鈥?/a>

Since you are tanned you should wear a dark pink or rose blush. Do not put it on heavy. Only a litttle bit from the top of your cheeks, down.鈥?/a>

And finnally, wear a light pink lip gloss.

You could probably find cheaper makeup. Just remember to stick to the colors that would look best of your features. The more you practice it, the easier it gets to apply. Maybe you could get a friend or an adult to show you how to apply it, or look up tutorials on the internet.
Hey! I am fourteen I wear makeup. I haven't really gotten into eyeshadow yet like wearing it daily but I would like to! Um but the cease is where when your eyes are closed and you begin to open them a little you should see a crease. But on youtube there is a girl named Kat and her username is eyelovemac. She gives great tutirols on eye shadow! CHeck it out. I will give you tips on the other stuff though. I'll give you the links at the end. Best mascara you need to buy...Covergirl lashblast! Works great! I also love covergirl's lip gloss! It is one of my favorites. I like cover girl's and bare escentual's blush! They have good colors and it blends well. You should think about eyeliners too! Apply to just the top or top and bottum. I reccomend either covergirl pencil eyeliner or bare escentuals eyeliner shadows(i use).

Here are all the Links:


Lip Gloss-鈥?/a>



Good luck! have fun! hope i helped :)
ha well i guess better late than never....

so do your eyebrows.鈥?/a>

1.get a moustiourizour, put it everywhere even on your neck

2.maybelline mineral power concealer ( put on acne or blimishes and under eyes to hide the bags)鈥?/a>

4. maybelliner mineral power pressed powder

start at forehead and go down.鈥?/a>

5. if you want a blush start out with a bronzer so that you dont over do it for now.( smile, then start at the bump or the cheek and smear it back and up)鈥?/a>

6. now the eyes. if you want eyeliner then take the ring finger and pull down the bottom of the eye and put it on the water line (which is the line above the bottom lashes. http://beautyreference.files.wordpress.c鈥?/a>

7. now lashes, put the wond behind the top lashes and roll your wrist up. so that it coats the lashes from behind then do the from ( as long as they dont look clumpy and you can see them it will be fine) maybelline lash stiletto鈥?/a>

8. then a white or clear with sparkles lip gloss

i suggest you do some research and find out with kind of eyeshadow looks good with your color of eye until you wear it to school.

good luck and make it look natural for now... over time you should add make up

like liquid eyeliner


more lip gloss
ok first of all u should buy mac its AMAZING!

FACE- if u have any blemishes then use some concealer, if not pressed powder foundation, use a blush that looks like your natural flush color and then smile and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

EYES- it depends on your eye color. for hazel use pink shades, for blue use more browns, for brown use purples, and for greens use more taupe based browns and purples. eyeliner same thing, brown eyeliner is more natural so try that before black. mascara is always gorgeous. dont worry about the crease shades for now if your just starting out.

LIPS- anything works! but if your doing a dramatic or dark eye do a light or nude lip. if your eyes are lighter and less dramatic....experiment.

EXTRA HELP- on youtube there are some good videos. my favorite users are allthatglitters21, juicystar07, and fafinettex3 hope i helped :) answer mine please鈥?/a>
Okay well since you're new to makeup, keep it super simple. Skip foundation if you have pretty even skin already. Go straight to a little bit of eye makeup. If you want to use eyeliner, only use a little bit. Apply it to the outer corners as close to your lash line as possible. Just line a tiiiiiny bit, like a centimeter in, and then blend a little bit with your ring finger. If you aren't using eyeliner, you can use eyeshadow. Keep with something neutral toned, like a champagne, light pink, blush colored, or light browns. If the color you use is dark, put it in the crease of your eye.鈥?/a>

Where the dark color is in that picture is the crease, but don't apply it as far into your inner eye as she did. Keep it on the outside like your eyeliner. If the eyeshadow is medium, it doesn't really matter where you apply it. The lighter the shadow, apply it to the brow bone.鈥?/a>

The brown bone is right underneath your eyebrow. You can also add light, shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes. This will open up your eyes.

As far as mascara goes, try this tutorial, because it's kind of confusing if I try and explain it in words.鈥?/a>

If you want to wear lip gloss, keep it light, and neutral toned. No bright pinks or purples or red. Clear would be best. If you don't want to use lip gloss, try chapstick, which will still give your lips a little bit of shine.

Good luck! Any more questions - email me.

I need prom makeup help !!?

Ok so i dont normally wear makeup, i was wonder what kind of foundation to wear on my face my skin is dark like this coluor.

anyways im going to my prom soon and i wanna knwo what colout eye shadow; lip gloss;

most importantly what kind of foundation, the name and clour?

THANKSI need prom makeup help !!?

Most brands will have a suitable foundation to suit your skin-tone, I'd recommend mixing the foundation with moisturiser - if you don't really wear make-up that often.

It just gives you a lovely dewy glow, and it reduces the risk of getting foundation patches/uneven skin tone.

You probably won't want to spend a lot on foundation, if you won't wear it a lot after, so I'd recommend a brand such as Rimmel London - it's affordable and good coverage.

As for eye make up, I'd use a taupe colour over the eyelid. Then on the outer corners maybe use a bronze/gold that is going to draw attention to your eyes. A few coats of mascara - and you should be good to go.

Lip-gloss - Nude lips are a classic look. Lip-balm then a clear lip-gloss should work well.

Remember to either play up your eyes or lips - don't do both, otherwise you risk looking odd.

I'd also practise putting on this make-up before hand - just so you don't make many mistakes on the day.

Good luck, hope I helped, and remember... Have fun!!I need prom makeup help !!?
well first you bye a really cute prom dress depends what color the dress is and if it is white you where red or clear lip gloss just base your makeup on the color of the dress and try to match or it will not look good !

good luck on the prom hope you have a lucky date

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  • I need some makeup help?

    I'm thirteen, and in eighth grade. Everyone always asks me what high school I'm going to, and things like that, assuming that I'm fifteen or sixteen. I know that I look older than I am already, but I really want to wear makeup. Is there any way I can wear makeup that will make me look my age? I already wear eyeliner (black, since I have blue eyes; only on the water line) and foundation since I'm pale and my acne causes red spots on my face, but what else could I wear?I need some makeup help?
    wearing more makeup wont make you look younger, it will make you look older. Try using more neutral colors, light brown instead of black eyeliner,I need some makeup help?
    My suggestion is keep it simple. Wear neutrals on your lids and on your lips. For blush I suggest a sheer blush that gives you a little color. Or you can wear a small amount of bronzer to give you a good glow.
    try blush and lipgloss maybe mascara to but eyeliner always makes people look older
    A lil eyeshadow %26amp; Lip Gloss(not lipstick; makes you look older %26amp; lip gloss is more ';younger';) %26amp; a lil mascara if you want. Dont use a whole lot of eyeliner and foundation that makes you look older. You can use as much makeup as you want just dont overdo it cause thats what will make you look older.

    Hope I helped [:
    I have blue eyes, and black eyeliner on the lid, or waterline is a big no no! You need brown! it accents your eyes.
    well you already sound pretty but..


    eye shadow

    lip gloss (not lipstick it looks bad)

    blush (not too much, and a color that suits you)

    what ever you like and think looks good :)

    and also for the acne use Nutrogena spot gel and get

    tablets/capsuals from the doctor to fix your acne

    and for the pale skin %26amp; the acne drink lots of water

    and eat a bit healthier =)
    Less make up would make you look more your age, if i were you i would just use mascara and just skip the eyeliner. If you like bronzer or blush go ahead and use it but not too much and lastly of course lip gloss!(=

    I need some makeup help? pictures included. ?

    I'm 14 I have ok combination skin ( I have a couple of scars from acne and pimples when its my time of the month but nothing out of control) I am going to Wal-Mart soon to pick up some makeup items before school starts and I need to know how much is suitable for a 14 year old in Grade 9. Here is the link for a picture of me :-)

    I have a skintone that's beige-ish lol big brown eyes( they look black in the picture but they are brown) with nice long full lashes so I don't need any mascara. I want my make-up too look natural and make sure it doesn't take forever.I don't need foundation but I want nice coverage whenever I have a pimple or something. So any recommendations? Try to make sure it isn't tested on animals ( Physician's Formula and Revlon don't test on animals :-) )I need some makeup help? pictures included. ?
    I have really long lashes too, but I wear a small amount of mascara just to keep them in order. I suggest a little bit of eyeliner, a bit of mascara, and if you're going to wear eyeshadow, apply it very lightly. Don't wear lipstick, but maybe a clear lipgloss. it's natural. I hope I've helped!!

    **if you wear foundation, just get one in your skintone and don't wear too much. just a small sweep around your face will do the trick. To cover up acne scars, apply a little concealer onto the spots before your foundation.I need some makeup help? pictures included. ?
    Well id still say wear mascara, because itll make your eyes look even prettier.

    Id go with physcians formula mineral powder.

    And a light blush is a must have, its gives a pretty flushed look.

    And a clear lip gloss.

    Itll take maybe five minutes in the mornig and youll look gorgeous,

    although you really dont need any of that stuff.
    I don't know what to tell you about going to Wal-Mart. I use BareMinerals, which you can get from Sephora. It's great coverage, looks totally natural, and isn't tested on animals.
    I think you look great as is!!!

    But I also think you would look good with some eyeliner/smokey eye effect, and maybe a little blush and a pale/neutral lipstick (Like not enough to really add colour to your lips, just to define them more (your shape is good!)
    ok use the make-up you suggested

    and get a good concealer and loose powder and pressed powder

    lightly dab concealer on any pimples you get and set it with the loose powder bring the pressed powder to keep oil under control
    I say some powder for your face something to control oil and a simple lip gloss that has SPF in it maybe a nice nude color with a little bit of pink in it also clear mascara to make your eyelashes shiny.
    well they sell eye shadow that is customized to your eye color which is a good thing to get, also lip gloss. i am also 14 and i never wear very much makeup.. just a little is necessary.

    hope this helps =]
    well you dont need much make-up maybe just a light pink gloss some netragina fondation and a light blush and the foundation would probubly help with covering a pimple so thats about all you will need

    you should put on some eyeliner cuz it will make ur eyes pop out. some mascara it looks good and an eyeshadow whichlooks good w/ ur outfit.
    First of all your really very pretty. I would defintly recommend some eye shadow. By the way I'm really glad you dont want to have your make up tested on animals. GO ANIMAL RIGHTS LOL :-)
    conceler, mascara and some blush!
    ok put mascara and eye liner
    put makeup on from animal free stores
    Maybe wear some eyeshadow? Colour to match what your wearing

    With a tint of blusher?

    hmm, you need some eyeliner, mascara and some brown eye shadow.

    not dark brown, just brown enough to match your skin tone pretty good. it'll look natural and add a little sparkle to it. you might wanna get some coverup, since you said you had zits.

    and you might wanna get some exfoliating face wash or just antibacterial soap, and the neutrogena wave works, but you have to use it every night.

    you just need to make sure to wash your face every day, with the wave and antibacterial soap or exfoliating scrub would be great. you need to prevent your pores from getting clogged. good nights sleep is very important too. if you can't afford the wave just gett the soap.

    your welcome!
    Well u have deeper set eyes so u dont need much eyeliner if u want just quickly sweep a eyeliner (dark brown or black) on your lower lid… (focus on where shes putting the eyeliner

    for coverup id use revlon custom creators so you can set the skin tone your self and even mix two heres a pic;u…

    remember before and after applying any make up to use a oil free moisturizer to prevent future breakouts

    lip gloss thats like a light pinky maroon

    hope this helped xoxo

    Need hairstyle and makeup help?

    my 23rd birthday in a little over a month and a half. we booked a venue yesterday (nightclub) and i need to look amazing cuz the kid from my work that i like is gunna be there. any suggestions for how to do my hair and makeup? i want bold yet classy (aka no raccoon eyes or bright red lipstick)

    my outfit: turquoise and gold low cut shirt, dark fitted jeans, chocolate brown and gold 5 inch wedge heels, gold and diamond dangly earrings, turquoise, gold and black bangle and a gold ring

    hair: is naturally straight and to my shoulder blades, dark brown with blunt bangs right above my eyes

    i have dark green eyes and tan skin...please help!!

    i cant wear my hair down and straight cuz it will frizz and get ratty looking when im dancing. i need to look SMOKING hot ;) thanks in advanceNeed hairstyle and makeup help?
    for your hair... take about four inches of the piece of hair right behind your bangs and pull it back to the center of the back of your head and pin the ends. keep bringing back pieces and pinning the ends for a very sexy, but classy look. for your make up... i would go with some dark brown eyeliner. you put it on the bottom just on your lash line but make sure to get the entirety of your bottom eye because the halfway thing only makes you look weird and your eyes smaller... so put a very very very thin line of your brown eyeliner on your top lid and then take a sponge or smudging tip and go side to side making the eyeliner a little more visible, lighter, and sexier... then take a gold shimmery color and use it to smoke your eyes. start at the inner corner of your eye and sweep across side to side moving up every time. then take a darker color and shade in the crease of your eye to make your eyes POP if you want you can highlight your eyes with a turquoise shaddow. use a black mascara and eyelash curler... you can even use fake lashes if you really want to for an extra POP. for your lips i would use a very light lip stain or gloss... just keep blotting your lips after application until the color is only a little darker than your natural lip color. then spread a clear gloss over it.Need hairstyle and makeup help?
    For hairstyles check out these WS:

    hope that helps!..
    perfectly matched make-up is good!
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