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REPOST: Makeup help?this is important (pics)?

ok so... my friend doesn't want to create a new account after her's got deleted , so she's using mine to ask questions ( oh and she said to not pay attention to how the pictures look , she was just sick and she didn't wear any makeup , so some pictures are horrible lol =)

so here are the questions she wants to ask :

- Are her eyes slightly wide set ?

-Are her eyes close set (lol)?

-what should she do to make her top lip look bigger ?

- what makeup should she use to make her forehead narrower , and her eyes longer ( Don't suggest bangs)

- what makeup should she use to look gorgeous and exotic?

-What do you think about how she looks lol?

And no , she's not 12 years old , she's 16 , so don't say things like :'; Why do you want to wear makeup you little 12 year old ho** ';

here are the pics:

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Wow, so I have to admit.. You got a lot of answers here! Ha ha.

Well, I love her eye color, and I'm a very blunt and honest person sometimes, so if I offend you in anyway... My apologies.

But Her eyes look slightly wide set, not even that noticeable. Many people find that exotic, so she has got what she is looking for! Ha ha.

Yeah, I have the same type of lips you do.

As for the forehead, I think it looks normal, but if it bothers you that much... You could always pull your bangs to the side and swoop it over your forehead.

Make-up; Find a liquid toner {ex. Proactive toner can help for people even without acne} to make your skin colour completely even, and add a thin layer of powdered cover up (The liquid kind can clog pores).

Add a small amount of tan blush the cheekbones.

Fill in your eyebrows with a medium brown eyebrow pencil -Don't go too heavy on that, or it will look fake and drawn on.

Brown eye liner applied to the inside of your top and bottom lids will accent the brown.

Since your eyelashes are naturally dark, you would want to curl them and put black mascara on them, rather than brown.

And for the exotic look she is looking for, she might want to go with the ';brown smokey eye'; look. It would look rather nice on her :]REPOST: Makeup help?this is important (pics)?
Here are my answers in the order of your questions.

-Her eyes are slightly wide set

-Lip liner

- Her for head is fine the way it is.

- I would try the black eyes red lip stick look but you would need to see if she had the features to pull that off.

- Natural Beauty
try some bare minerals base and powder. it will even out your face and clear up all the multi colors on your skin. try purpleish eye shadow to bring out your green and a thin line or eye liner. your eyes and forehead are fine. your top lip would look fuller with shiney gloss and lip liner.
She should go to a decent make up counter and get them to apply makeup and show her how to do it to make the most of herself
she's beautiful....specially that last pic
Her eyes are wide set

Her forehead is not that big...
Yeah, you told me not to but...

She should really reeeeaaalllyyy get bangs.
Definitely play up your eyes, they are extremely beautiful and exotic looking! Also, get a light brown eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows a bit. They will frame your whole face and brighten your eyes up. It makes a huge difference. Even out your skin tone with a sheer concealer (you don't need much) then sweep on a sheer pinky shade on your cheeks. Go light with it though. Also for your eyes, I'd def apply some shimmery white or light pink color under your brows and at your inner corners of your eyes...

On to the questions, Your eyes are farther set apart, I wouldnt call them close together. But they arent crazy far apart...I think they make you look really beautiful.

For top lip, use a lipliner, and after you apply some color, dab extra gloss straight in the middle of your top lip. It gives the illusion of a fuller lip.

Forehead narrower? I'm not sure...I think there are ways to use makeup to contour your face, give illusion...I don't think you need it though. And I know you don't want to hear it, but side swept bangs WOULD give that illusion too.

Gorgeous/Exotic: Well applied makeup will make you look gorgeous. Experiment with colors, and play up your eyes!!!! They're gorgeous!

I think you have a lot of potential, and you have a great face for makeup. Check out youtube videos...there are always makeup freaks on there showing you how to apply certain products for certain looks...I've learned a lot from those things! LOL!
Its very quick and easy...start with wearing concealer and a dust of powder...

For Narrowing ur Forehead;outline her face with Pale bronzer,focusing on the Hairline..apply the reresidue thats on the brush on her nose and tip of chin..

Her eyes are slightely wideset,First line her upper lids with medium brown eyeliner then smudge,,then line the lower lids with light brown eyeshadow...To make them appear a bit closer(and definitely mesmerizing)dab some shimmering eyeshadow(like gold or pearlish or play with pastel lavenders and blues)on the internal corners of her eyes...

Enhance ur crease with medium nude brown...then apply the shimmering ivory shadow jst underneath her brows..finish with Two coats of Black (or dark brown Mascara)..

(for a more exotic look line the inside of her lids with black (or very dark brown))

As for slightly enlarging the upper lip,OUTline (jst a little) her lips with lipliner(use pale taupe/nude shades)apply coral pink shimmering lipstick(not pearly)then dab some super shiny gloss on the center of each lip..

Get a long layered hair cut and get some soft caramel highlights...

Good Luck
Are you sure this isnt YOU ?

Her picture and your avatar have the same haircolor, but whatever.

Yes, her eyes are slightly wide set.

For her lip, she can either buy a lip plumping gloss(invest in an expensive one because they really work.)Or she can use a lip liner and then use lipstick on top of that.

For the forehead, besides bangs, you can contour.Ill post a video at the bottom to show how.

I'm not sure if i'm gorgeous, but people say i do look exotic.鈥?/a>

Just think long dark hair,tan skin, and smile.Also try to do your eye makeup darker.Long eyelashes help too.

Uhmmm, in all honestly i think shes ok, not really pretty, average.

She could be pretty though.

Good luck!

Contouring video-鈥?/a>
Tell your friend:

Her eyes might be a little wide set but it wouldn't look as bad if she didn't have her eyes wide open so wide. She is actually very pretty. I don't think her lips need to be bigger or that her forehead should be thinner. And she also has VERY nice hair! Some people would kill to have hair that gorgeous.

I would recommend:

1.) A black crayon eyeliner (pops your eyes)

2.) Maybelline Superstay Silky Stay foundation in the lightest color they have (Will even fair skin tone)

3.) Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss- Candy Baby flavor

4.) Maybe some mascara




4.) http://budgetlexicon.files.wordpress.com鈥?/a>

Hope I Helped! :)

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