Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup - help (pics. included) ?

Hey Everyone(:

For those of you who have finals tomorrow. . .goodluck! I know I have mine this week and they're going to suck but I studied my butt off so I hope I do well.

Ok so for the question. I'm blonde-ish and I'm really pale with blue eyes. They change color slightly to green sometimes but not often, unless I'm wearing green. So I was wondering what colors would compliment my eyes/skin tone. I've always heard browns for blue eyes, but they always seem harsh on my skin and look really fake. Also, I've tried higlighting with white-ish gold but I end up looking way too white and shiny.

Colors? Suggestions? Thanks.

Also I went to Mac a while back (for a dance) and they had a heck of a time with me too. The browns/tans were too dark and they ended up using lime green. Blech. I have a Winter Formal coming up and I want to look nice so I'm not sure.

Picture Included So You can get an idea. Sorry about the hair.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Also, here is my dress if you have any ideas for shoes, make-up to match. . .鈥?/a>


EmaEye makeup - help (pics. included) ?
this site may help you:

Choosing Eye Shadow Colors鈥?/a>Eye makeup - help (pics. included) ?
I would try bronze and gold smoky eye look. My roommate has similar coloring to you and I tried making a smoky eye look on her using Urban Decay's Scratch, Shag, and Zero, it looked great! The palette I used can be found here:鈥?/a>
don't spoil your natural beauty

you are very Pretty without any makeup


be natural
Keep yourself natural...
Love the eyes!!! I would try a gold if not try a shimmer grey or white and line your lids with black liner!
You are SO beautiful. I would wear a silk hunter green dress with matching shoes.
Wow, you're extremely pretty. =3

My friend has the same eye %26amp; hair colour as you and she is very experimental with makeup... so,

I think an eyeliner and mascera will work perfectly. I've noticed people with blue eyes look better with less and it makes your eyes look big and pretty.

I'd say enough mascera and possibly fake eyelashes would be the ticket. AND, of course eyeliner, top and bottom. =3

As for the dress, if you don't look good with golds/tans around your eyes, your best bet would be to have a different colour shoe and try to match the eye shadow as best you can... that is if you're very eager to wear eyeshadow. ^_^

I think you'd look good either way. =3

Hope I helped.
Hello, I'm very into eye make up, I aways have something new and exciting. Well since you don't want anything too much than I suggest a little eyeliner on the bottom and if you have any make up a shade or two darker than your actual skin tone and use that as the main over all eye colour then take a very light shade of blue, because it will make the blue stand out, and put it on the outer side of your eyelid for a shadowy look. kind of like this but not so intense if unless you want it to be. ...and if you want take a darker golden brown and just put a little shady line in the crease of your eyelid for more impact.
';For blue eyes and blond hair the best looking eyeshadow colors are violets and lavenders or neutral tones. Use the violet on the lid and in the crease of the eyelid. Use the lighter color lavender above the crease to the eyebrow bone for a dramatic night look. Use natural colors for daytime.

Eyeshadow recommendation for blue eyes and blond hair: Natural tones for day and purple hue's for night!';- website

Obviously violets and lavenders are not going to work with your gorgeous dress. So in my opinion, I would go with a pin-up look. Maybe go with a thick eyeliner on the lid. Fake eyelashes are a must for an event like this. Then top it all off with red lipstick. Not only is it easy but it is also classy and gorgeous! =] Good luck!

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