Thursday, December 3, 2009

MAC Makeup- Help please!!!?

A few days ago, I had to take a picture for the swim team. One of the girls put some of her makeup on me, and it was amazing. Even after swim practice, the eyeshadow was all still there, and had hardly smudged! She used a purple eyeshadow from MAC, and it made my green eyes really stand out. I was looking at prices for MAC, and it was ridiculous. I would like to use their products, but I can't afford them.

What are the best products that I really should get?

Should I have one of their employees do my makeup, or should I just pick out what I want and just buy it so that they don't try and convice me to get everything?

What can I get away with buying from drugstore makeup?

Anything else?MAC Makeup- Help please!!!?
MAC is a pro line. That's why the make up stays on so well. The price is pretty average for a department store brand.

Mascara is mascara. Get that at a drugstore. Plus, you should change it often anyway due to bacteria. Why waste the money an expensive brand. The lip glosses are really good, but really you can get that at a drugstore too.

The eye shadows are one of a kind. They are high pigment. GET THOSE! If you go to a ';pro store'; I don't know where you live, you can get just the eye shadow and then buy a pallet and they are cheaper too. I want to say $11 and not $14.

Another little trick is when you bring back any 6 plastic cases...eye shadow, lipstick, powder ect. You get a free lip stick or eyeshadow! They recycle!

So I say get eyeshadows! Concealers, blushes and get eye liners are great too.

If you get your make up done at the store, I think its $50. BUT then you get $50 worth of make up. So its not like you have to pay for the make up and the application.MAC Makeup- Help please!!!?
I like MAC products as well. And yes they are definitely very expensive. I buy Revlon Colorstay make up products. They are beautiful and long-lasting and is tremendously cheaper than MAC. Check this website: They offer in-expensive MAC products, but you must have a PayPal account to do most purchases.
if you don't want to spend that much money i would try the coastal scents palletes that u can find on

if you want to see swatches just look on youtube, there are plenty (:

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