Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prom makeup, help!?

I asked this earlier and the general response was not to go with this:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

but with either black smokey eye

or purple smokey

or gold

I am reluctant to do gold because it will wash me out (i'm pale)

but i need a vote, which one???? I need to know so i can buy the appropriate makeup in time for friday. also, how do i do smokey eyes with colour??? is it with black eyeliner?

Oh btw, this is the outfit without the tights:鈥?/a>

thankyou for being great!Prom makeup, help!?
I think black smokey eyes will look STUNNING ! I think gold will look too bland and wont make you stand out.. if you have nice eyes which im sure you do you should deffo make them stand out.. and nothing is hotter than the smokey black eye effect !鈥?/a> Try that i think that will look really good !

Have a great night - my prom was on friday and honestly was the best night of my life !!!!!!!!! xProm makeup, help!?鈥?/a>

you could try that look - it's a gold/black smokey eye look :)

ORR.. if you don't like that..鈥?/a>

that's a purple look.


you could try to learn how to do smokey eyes with color by substituting different colors of eyeshadow.
since you have a brown dress i would stay away from the blue colors, keep it a smokey bronze look, the bronze with lighten up the look but the smokey tint will keep it from making you look too pale! HAVE FUN AT PROM!
Try this it is really pretty


have fun at your prom:)
I would say go with golds, browns, or a smokey eyes look. I think they would look lovely with that dress! Have FuN at your prom!

go with gold, to avoid looking pale and washed out use black eyeliner on the inside of your eye and black mascara. have funn!
2nd and get a new dress

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