Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sephora makeup?HELP!!!!?

i want my skin to look like this flawless radiant and natural鈥?/a>

i want my eye makeup like this fresh and natural but noticeable鈥?/a>

but i want to use only sephora makeup and nothing over 20 or so

thanks!Sephora makeup?HELP!!!!?
you are SO cute.........nothing over 20 :)Sephora makeup?HELP!!!!?
Bioelements is in your price range. This is ony available in

spas where they do skin care: sometime a Derm will hve it

make some phone calls you will be happy w it but sometimes

it has to be played around w a little to get it right.

Have used it and been to the institure where they train the

estheticians who will be using in in spa.
That's gonna be hard because everything at sephora is EXPENSIVE!!! You should get Stila compact makeup, Tarte blush in dollface, and Clinique lipstick in Raspberry Glace. That will give you a nice fresh and natural look to your face. Sorry, it's going to have to be over $20. Beauty is $$$$!
You what! $20 dollars. So 拢10 here in england. Thats really not going to get you anything love, even in America with youjr cheap prices. Sephora is cheap but not THAT cheap. Sorry love. Try eBay! :)

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