Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup help - asian eyes?

Hey guys! I'm so sick of searching for tips for girls with asian eyes because ';asian eyes'; is way too general, and a lot of times those little makeup tips don't work on me. So here's a link to a pic of my eyes without any eye makeup (sorry about the random shadow on the right of my eye, it was my finger on the camera):鈥?/a>

Could you girls please give me some makeup ideas? Just the same old eyeliner and mascara application gets boring. Thanks a lot! I know I'm not giving you much to work with.Eye makeup help - asian eyes?
im asian. but i don't have the kind of eyes that you do since mines are larger and i have one double fold and one single fold.. x__x;

but usually what i do is take eye shadow, not eyeliner (eye liner or liquid is WAYY too hard on the eyes)

first, take light eye shadow (brown, which i usually use), apply golden brown on it, then darker brown to make it more define on the lid but not entirely covering the golden brown (it should be dominant), use highlights for the arch part and under the eyes...

then the eyeshadow liner time...

take a darker brown, and go around your eyes like eye liner, even on the bottom too.

then take black and use the sponge brush thing and delicately put some touch up on the ends of the eyes where the brown is to make a more dramatic look and it makes your eyes look biger too..

then take mascara, black or brown, whichever you prefer, and go a bit thick on the lashes (i use sephora mascara renversant: extends curls and volumizes %26lt; this REALLY works, i friggin dun have any eyelashes XD) on the top AND BOTTOM... and it'll look nicer...

but it can't be finished without and eyebrow definer!! don't use the pencil solely (because it gives a very very hard and rough look), but take the pencil and put it on the brush for eyebrows and do it from there-- but usually what i do.. is.. hm.. i take a brush, and take eyeshadow (brown; lol everything is eyeshadow) and colour it over.. and use darker brown afterwards (my eyesbrows are brown cuz my hair is brown) to cover up the parts where the other brown couldnt' cover.. and make it even and look looking.. more arched and stuff..

so this is what i look like with make up:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

something like that anyway...

btw im not a make up artist... but if it looks nice, then yeah. :)Eye makeup help - asian eyes?
Well, I'm asian! I had the same problems too.

I got an online forum, where the majority of users are asian.

There's a beauty and fashion section, and it's really helped me a lot! The downside is you have to register, but no worries, it's free. :]

The site is:

There's a section for beauty %26amp; fashion, check it out!

Other places you could look at are specktra and asian fanatics. :D

Some quick simple tips:

1. Curling your lashes and mascara are a MUST.

2. Don't put eyeliner on your bottom lid! It makes your eyes look smaller!

3. For beginners, try experimenting with brown eyeshadows... It's the easiest, trust me!

4. Don't overdo the eyeliner!
You should curl your lashes. Sorry i'm no help!
Well, definitely no cat eyes. : ]]

Maybe try extending your shadow, over your crease a little?

And just a little liner, don't go too heavy for ';Asian'; eyes.

Sorry that I am not much help.
i think you should use Mabelline, Tiffa,shiseido,anna sui or netrogena=]

and i think you should curl your lashes and put some light color on ur eyes:)

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