Thursday, December 3, 2009

Outfit/ makeup help for a concert? (With picture)?

I am going to Death Cab on thursday with my friends and my ex. I want to look extra good!

I live in Vancouver, so the weather is fairly hot in the evenings but can get windy. The concert is seated.

Any suggestions on what I should wear?! Im 5'1 medium build, nice boobs and legs but i would prefer not to have very much emphasis on the stomach.

Also- what type of makeup?! Light and happy for summer, or dark and sultry for the evening?

If you have any makeup suggestions that would be amazing too- this is what I look like鈥?/a>

(Im the girl and the guy is NOT my ex)

Thank you so much- any ideas are greatly appreciatedOutfit/ makeup help for a concert? (With picture)?
um since i live in vancouver on thur it's going to be hot but not that hot but still it's going to be nice so since your 5'1 i wouldnt recommened a maxi dress b/c it will make you look shorter but wear a dress maybe above the knee would look good and wear wedges it would look cute or gladiator sandles....if you want to be comfortable .....maybe put your hair in a loose side braid and keep your make-up minimum maybe just a little bit of foundation/bronzer/lip balm and a little something on the don't want it to be too caked on lol

well have fun =D

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