Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup help - asian eyes (pic included)?

Hey guys! I'm so sick of searching for tips for girls with asian eyes because ';asian eyes'; is way too general, and a lot of times those little makeup tips don't work on me. So here's a link to a pic of my eyes without any eye makeup (sorry about the random shadow on the right of my eye, it was my finger on the camera):…

Could you girls please give me some makeup ideas? Just the same old eyeliner and mascara application gets boring. Thanks a lot! I know I'm not giving you much to work with.Eye makeup help - asian eyes (pic included)?
you have like the perfect lid!! literately all you need is a pair of fake eyelashes and Smokey eye pencil and rub it over your lid, smudge it alittle and go over the top part of your lid with a color, maybe a copper or brown with gold flakes. start dark over the eyepencil and blend it out, do not just put it on all over the eye, you have to just swip a little on the edge and blend it with the brush or your finger, and a little bit of blush or cream blush on your finger on your cheeks, rub it in, and you are set, or and make sure your brows are arched! You go girl! Good luck/행운을 빕니다/好运Eye makeup help - asian eyes (pic included)?
I am Filipino and have almond shaped eyes w/ grr hard to deal w/ eyelashes. When I clicked on the link to see the picture the link was dead... hmm.
Black eyeliner under your eyes.

Black mascara with black liquid eyelid liner

Bright (purple, green, blue, pink) eyeshadow
Hi! I'm new to Yahoo! but I love to give advice, especially with make-up!! I'm a certified esthetician, so I think I may be able to give you some good advice. I couldn't see your picture because it was deleted for some reason but, I have to assume you have small almond shaped eyes.

To make your eyes look bigger lighter colors are the best, I like to line the eyes with a white eye liner before I start the rest, then I would use a light color like silver all over the eye lid. Do not use alot of dark eye liner if your eyes are small, it just makes them look smaller. But don't skip on the dark eye liner all together, concentrate on the lower lid with the dark eyeliner rather then the upper and only on the outer part. For asian eyes I find the 'cat eye' looks very good because it also turns the eye lid upwards rather then downwards.

If your eyes are droopy use light colour in the crease and dark above and below it..

Just remember this simple rule,

Dark colors - Protude, Pull back, and shade

Light colors - Brings out, highlight, and accentuate

i can barely see your eyes.

i think you should try bright colours to brighten up your eyes

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