Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mystical makeup? Help me out (pic)?

I already asked this question but how I worded the (question) wasn't clear here it is again...sorry if you already stumbled across my first one. :)

Ok, YA community, I am sorry for all of my looks questions (forgive me) but now i am going to ask a makeup question...ok I don't know if this will make sense but I want to kinda do a mystical makeup job. not like bright gauty costume colors...but more of an innocent magical makeup job, LIke natural...yet you know it is there makeup....if you get what I am saying. How can I achieve this??? pics would be great! :)

here is a pic of me...what can I do to get this look???

ya, I know it is a creepy pic...but it is what I had guys鈥?/a>Mystical makeup? Help me out (pic)?
your pic is deletedMystical makeup? Help me out (pic)?
the link works but it says the picture has been deleted or something (:

theres no pic.

mine please?? soory, but it never appeared on the open questions thingy lol.;鈥?/a> XxX

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