Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye Makeup Help for the Cosmetically Challenged Fair-Skinned, Caucasian Girl with Small, Almond Shaped Eyes?

I'm terrible when it comes to applying eye makeup. More specifically, eyeliner. I twitch/flinch everytime i try and i always end up messing up. I'd like to find either:

a) Eyeliners that are EXTREMELY easy to apply

b) Eyeliners that are virtually error-proof

I'd also like to find a way to apply it so that my small eyes (see the pictures below) look a little bigger. Part of the reason I have such a problem lining them (besides my flunching) is that I have such small eyelids. :\ Not much room to work with.

I'd also like to find eyeshadow's that work to make my eyes 'pop' more, and that make the green stand out. But I haven't really found that yet.

I'm not even very good at applying eyeshadow, every website has different instructions. And none of them are in simple, basic terms (I've looked at many tutorials)鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>Eye Makeup Help for the Cosmetically Challenged Fair-Skinned, Caucasian Girl with Small, Almond Shaped Eyes?
okay ..

to solve your eyeliner issue...

practice is key to getting it down, but if you dont have time try this..

use a pencil liner and make a thin line above your lid, or you can make dots close to your lashes and go all the way across, then blend it alittle with a q tip, it will give that shaddow behind your lashes and it looks more natural than a dark black bold line on you reye.. or if you can, get a brush, at walmart they have cool little 8 dollar makeup brush kits, your looking for they eyeliner brush, its just a thin brush, and you can apply black eyeshaddow above you rlid in a line that will also give off a less dramatic eyeliner effect.

to make your eyes look bigger [[ i do mine ]]鈥?/a>

you have to start where your lashes start on the inner corner of your eye and start with a thin line, then make the line bolder and thicker as you get to the middle of your eye.. then smaller but not quite as thin as when you first started, so that you reach a happy medium at the tip of the outer corner of your eye, then you can flick it up if you want.. before you put on mascarra, Curl your lashes if you can with a lash curler, if not its okay.. just spply alittle more, maybe a second or third coat to the tips of your middle lashes..

false lashes work great too, but seeing as how you are '; cosmetically challenged'; i wuldnt suggest jumping into that boat. lol.

good eyeshadoow for green eyes [[ i also have green :) ]]

pale %26amp; dark greens.

pale %26amp; dark purples

they really pull the natural color out. when you put eyeshaddow on, [[ i use a light shade, a darker shade and black, but you can toss out black if you want ]] you want to put the lighter shade on your lid, and the darker shade on the crease between your lid and your brow... and just blend the two together, using your finger even.. there is shimmer you can use way up to the brow called highlighter but i think it makes the face look longer and its just not natural looking so i dont suggest it.

good luck! i hope i helped alittle.Eye Makeup Help for the Cosmetically Challenged Fair-Skinned, Caucasian Girl with Small, Almond Shaped Eyes?
why dont u go to youtube, believe me or not u can find anything u want there, i did i found how to make smoky type, try it
i have green ish eyes too, to make them pop use complimentary colors (for green that's red, which is a bad idea so use redish browns, maybe some purplish tones too)

for eye liner i like gel pencils, the go on very smoooothly, try getting your eye lid taut by pulling on one corner, so even if you flinch it stays in place. for the top: work in right into the lash line, and then smooth out any un-evenness with a q-tip, on the bottom you can even use a white eye liner on the inside, it will make your eyes look bigger.

with the eye shadow it's self: try applying a darker color to the crease and lighter near the tear duct (inside corner)

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