Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup help? for blue and green eyes?

my eyes change color from different blues to greens, and my eyes are my favorite features. what type of eye shadows, eyeliner, etc. would make both of those colors pop? i can't find a link to show what type of blue my eyes are! but when theyre blue they are a dark blue with a darker blue ring with a TINY bit of green in them. and when my eyes are green they are like this:鈥?/a> (it's the third one down--the picture of the green eyes--it was the closet i could find, i guess my eye color is unique?)Eye makeup help? for blue and green eyes?
Browns are good, with a hint of gold in the corners, and glitter will allways make your eyes pop out :)Eye makeup help? for blue and green eyes?
my eyes r a bright blue and sumtimes dark what i find works the best is gold and brown. What i do is use a shimmery gold all over then i put a medium brown either on the inner half of my eye halfway toward the outside or put it on the outside and then i line under my eye with the gold shadow and it makes ur eyes pop. I loveee it hope i helpedd you should try it.
my eyes change colors from blues to greens, too so i use a lot of silver and gold. they compliment both eye colors and every outfit. they really make my eyes pop. i use pencil eyeliner in brown, gray, or black and i just put a thin line along the bottom lash-line.
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