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More makeup help :]?

ok. so i've been wearing makeup, but i dont like the look. it just like some black eyeliner, crappy mascara, foundation, and cream.

can you give me like step by step instructions of exactly what to by and how to apply it?

here's kinda the looks i like:

on the right obviously :]鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

btw im 14, darker brown hair, blue eyes, sometimes oily or dry skin, some acne, especially like between my eyebrows :/More makeup help :]?
what i do:

BUT i tend to put A LOT on, more than needed. xD lol. but it doesnt matter what I do.

FIRST: Skin! Cover up. dont wear to much, or else you'll look fake. Then apply powder WITH A BRUSH not with the thing they give you with the powder cause that makes you look sooo fake in my opinion. but who knows, it may work for you. Im just saying lol.

SECOND: Shadows! W00t. apply BEFORE eyeliner because sometimes shadow REALLLLLY messes up eyeliner!! Pinks bring out blue eyes, enless thats not your colour. apply darker colours to the lid, and lighter colours around the brow bone. if you put any on the bottom lid, put a tinyyyy bit and dont get any in your eyes! usually only one colour looks good on the bottom. But you may be able to pull off two!

THIRD: eyeliner, my personal favourite. Apply it on the INSIDE of the bottom lid. enless that hurts your eyes too much, then put it on the outside only. but if you do put it on the inside IF YOU WANT TO, put more on the outside BUT NOT TO MUCH. Now for the top. I use liquid, but solid also works. But if you want a certain look, i recommend dark browns, black and regular browns. Also, dont apply that much at all the top if you do apply any. (it takes practice to get the top liner right).

FOURTH: MASCARA! whoot. sometimes shadow gets on my lashes. I hate it! but if I apply mascara on top of my of lashes THEN under it goes away. only a little on the bottom.

Tips! -before applying mascara wipe the wand on a paper towel or something. this prevents clumping.

-Look as natural as you possible can! Nobody likes a fake.

-Wear sunscreen! it protects your skin from damage and it will help when you're older.

-Wash your face every night and every morning!! My aunt told me everytime you forget to wash your face, add 15 minutes to your face! No one wants wrinkles and red spots!

GOOD LUCK! im 14 and know what its like!More makeup help :]?
Get a concelear a little bit lighter then your skin tone.

Use a sponge and dab it on in the imperfections

Take another sponge get it a little wet with water, put some foundation on it and put it over the areas where you put concelear. This will make it look less cakey.

Then the way the first girl has it she just outlined her eyes with eyeliner, and put mascara on and probably used an eyelash curler.

With the eye shadow she has layering ones. So start with the darkest colors closest to your eye lid and work your way up with lighter colors.

If you want to use blush make a fish face and wipe it a little above the indent.

At the end use powder to keep everything looking fresh and un oily.
1. apply some face lotion before you apply your foundation.

2. ally your mascara brush it on, the place the brush on the top of your eye lash, and spin. (this makes your eye lashes look thicker and longer)

3. then apply your eyeline last.
This webiste has tips for make up and stuff and is amaaaazing!

Hope i could help =]
im having the same problem

but try going to and click the beauty thing on the left of the screen
Email me.

yahoos being dumb.
1. Always was your face with a mild soap so it does not irritate your skin.

2. With a facial toner or Astringent (can find this at anywhere that sells cosmetics), and put a little on to your cotton ball and swep across your face. This step helps to minimize the appearance of pores and leftover soap/dirt on your face.

3. Use an oil free base moisturizer or one that is light and not too greasy. Only apply where you really need it! Like, nose, chin, etc. Apply too much can get pores clogged and increases your chances of getting pimples.

4. Apply foundation if you like. Make sure the color suits you. At every setting, the light could be different so what may look perfect at home may look completely different due to lightings. If you wnat to use light foundation you can always mix your moiturizer + foundation to give it a sheer look.

5. Apply concealer. Finding the color of the right concealer should be about 1-2 tones lighter than your skin color. There are many kinds though. One can come in a form of a lipstick, a palette w/ brush, or lip gloss kind. Whichever you use, apply a little first and blend with foundation to it goes on smoothly.

6. This step is not really neccessary, but it is apply loose/pressed/transluscent powder. Just use a powder brush and apply the powder onto your face ';lightly';. It does not need to go everywhere.

7. Apply Liquid Eye liner and let it dry. After that go over it again, but with a pencil liner so that it will lasts longer. And do the same on the bottom lashes (but only with pencil liner, liquid can look too bold). Curl lashes and put a couple coats of mascara.

8. I apply a cream blush as base first before a powder one, so that it will not fade throughout the day. I apply a neutral color blush. All I really need is a base to keep the powder on. Then I apply the color blush that I wnat on. See, If your base cream was peach and your powder blush was peach as well, it will be too dark/bright.

9. Then I apply any color lip gloss on. If you want to add an extra step for long lasting color before the gloss, outline your lip with a lip liner that is the same color as your lips and top it off with gloss.

Well, I hope this isn't too long. It may seem long but all of this should take you quick 10 mins and 5 when you get used to it. Have fun! =)
first off, dont cake it on. always wash your face at night and in the morning before you do anything. get a mineral based foundation. these are super healthy and amazing for your skin. use eye shadow to play up your eyes and then curl your eyelashes if needed. then put on a LITTLE dark brown eyeliner on the bottom and top lids and step back about 5 feet from the mirror. see how that looks: if it is a huge racoon circle STOP or start over, and if it isn't enought, than STOP, because it really is. then put on a coat of mascara and step back again. finish it off with a colored lipgloss. i don't have thick eyelashes at all, so i use shadows to dramatize my look rather than mascara or eye liner.

if you need to know what colors will suit you best, go to ulta or a cosmetics counter for a free make over. they will show you exactly what is best for you to achieve your desired look and lead you to what is healthiest for you.

remember: a little goes a LONG way.
Hi! I believe most girls should wear some make-up to ENHANCE their features. It doesn't have to be alot. You are so young so you don't want to look ';made up';. What I would do is go to a good make-up counter at the mall. Clinique is a good make-up line to start with and nice for young girls. In fact a dermotologist once told me that it was the only make-up I should wear (when I was having break-outs). It is not overly expensive, but more so than over-the-counter products. So go and have one of the ladies working there help you out with the make-up products. If you can only afford one or two things at time, then that is okay. Gradually add to your collection. Their products do last a long time. And you don't need a whole drawer full of make-up. It's just a waste of money. This is what I plan on doing when my girls are older and have my permission to wear a little make-up. I'd rather see them apply it correctly and enhance their beauty and not letting them GUESS how to apply it. I wear make-up, but certainly not an expert. Plus what I wear has changed over the years. I am now 46 and foundation and concealers are necessary. You probably won't need much of that. Good luck...and get to the mall with your mom or a good friend. PS ALWAYS wear sunscreen under your make-up! Your skin will thank you when you are my age.

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